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  1. Gold and platinum can be worn together, but it is not recommended to wear together. First of all, because of the high hardness of platinum and low gold hardness. Wearing the two together will produce friction and collision, causing platinum to be scratched by gold or golden surfaces, which affects the beauty of jewelry.

    can gold and platinum be worn together

    1. The hardness of platinum is higher, and the hardness of gold is low. If the two are worn together, the two will produce friction The golden powder of gold will be contaminated to the white gold surface, affecting the beauty of platinum. Once Platinum jewelry is polluted by gold, it will be difficult to clean, it is best to send it to a professional jewelry shop for special care.

    2, gold jewelry and platinum jewelry are worn together at the same time, and the two may collide due to activities. This may cause platinum jewelry to cut the surface of gold jewelry, cause gold jewelry to be scratched, seriously damaged gold The beauty of decoration.

    What should we pay attention to when wearing gold jewelry?

    1. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfumes, bleaching agents, and chemicals containing lead, mercury and other elements, because if these items are exposed, the surface of the gold necklace will produce white spots, which affects beauty.

    2, gold is a relatively soft and precious belong to, and it is easy to deform or even break due to pulling and impact. Therefore, if you wear it in daily wear, you should pay attention to prevent collision and pull. When there are severe activities, you should remove the gold necklace to prevent breaks.

    3, the gold necklace, during the wearing process, will inevitably be contaminated with dust, sweat, and even some chemicals. So after wearing it for a while, we have to clean the gold necklace on a regular basis. We can wash it at home or get a professional cleaning shop.

    What should we pay attention to when wearing platinum jewelry?

    1. Do not wear the platinum jewelry and gold jewelry together, because the gold powder rubbed from each other will be attached to the platinum surface to make the platinum ring yellow.

    2. To avoid the deformation of the platinum ring, it is best not to wear it when moving heavy objects.

    3. If the platinum jewelry is worn for a long time, the surface becomes darker or local discoloration, you can wash it with diluted detergent, and then rinse it with water to restore the color.

  2. No, the platinum hardness is high, and the gold is softer. It has been worn together for a long time. The platinum contact surface will wear gold and make the surface yellow. As the saying goes, it is called "eating gold". Therefore, after wearing it for a long time, the gold will wear a lot, and the platinum will change color-both defeat.
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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, I will help you answer this question, and wait for you to check the service for you. I hope to help you and wish you a happy life.n2. Precautions for wearing gold 1. When wearing sufficient gold, because of its low hardness, the precautions for wearing gold jewelry should be noticed. It should be noted to avoid stiffness, avoid strong impact, and mild wearing. 2. If the gold jewelry often contacts cosmetics, it will make white spots appear on the surface of the jewelry on the surface of the jewelry. 3. If the necklace of the spring buckle is good when wearing, but if you pay attention to this kind of S -fastening or M -shaped necklace, first of all, this kind of linked S -shaped necklace should be opened to both sides. Time can cause breaks and loss, followed by hooks when wearing it, otherwise it is easy to scrape and lose.nHello, according to your problems first, gold and platinum, it is best not to wear them together 1. Two types of jewelry of these two types of materials are worn together. The hardness of platinum is high, and the hardness of gold is low. The golden powder is stained on the surface of platinum jewelry, causing platinum to be stained by gold. And once the platinum jewelry is infected with the gold, it is difficult to clean it. It is best to send it to a professional jewelry shop for special care. 2. Gold jewelry and platinum jewelry are worn at the same time. In life, the two may collide with each other due to activities, which will cause platinum jewelry to scratch the surface of gold jewelry, resulting in gold jewelry. Avoid wearing gold jewelry and platinum jewelry at the same time. If you have a platinum ring and a golden ring at the same time, do not wear these two rings on adjacent fingers to avoid rubbing each other and split gold jewelry.nI hope to help you, if you are adopted by you, you also hope that you can click Star Praise and Crab. [Heart] [Heart]nMore 2nBleak

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