1 thought on “Exposed Lin Feng's proposal: I want to get married, you just happen”

  1. Another great news in June-Hong Kong media exposed Lin Feng to propose to his girlfriend successfully,

    will get married at the end of the year!

    It is said to secretly run from the crew to

    Zhang Xinyue's hometown to propose to Zhang Jian,
    n Marriage on his birthday.

    Where is Zhang Xinyue? Which Zhang Xinyue?

    The ex -girlfriend Wu Qianyu was not easy to fall in love with Lin Feng for 5 years.

    The Lin Feng was called a pet to Wu Qianyu at that time.

    but Wu Qianyu's big hands and high -profile shows

    caused Lin Feng's family to dissatisfy.

    and the two are often busy with their respective work together,

    Wu Qianyu during the period is constantly scandal,
    n Men who like to have financial ability,

    The also imply that men can't help but have an independent career.

    It what is done is very dark.

    It distressed Lin Feng ~

    Why can Zhang Xinyue capture Lin Feng's heart and was proposed in a short time?

    First of all, although Zhang Xinyue did not see the scriptures,

    is to know Lin Feng through the elders arrange a blind date.

    has won the starting line?

    In addition to good figure and good looks,

    The most important thing is to let go of your career to accompany each other.

    This is low -key and gentle, but also knows how to please the elders.

    of course, it is home.

    This photos of people look like a ring.

    is sour ~

    and Cancer's Fang Yuan is completely another personality.

    I was born in an ordinary family. She is gentle and independent, and she will be diligent and frugal.

    Faced with the doubts of public opinion gossip at that time, she always keeps low -key,

    I willing to be the woman behind the king,

    This is a model of good wives and mothers in the minds of men.

    So I won the favor of Guo Tianwang, and now the family is happy.

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