1 thought on “Golden Ben Buddha, where can Foshan be sold?”

  1. Master Xuecheng (Chairman of the Chinese Buddhist Association) ---- Buddhism does not have the saying of "the Buddhist Buddha". Taking it as a wood, it is wood; as a Buddha statue, it represents the supreme sadness.
    The construction of temples, plastic Buddha statues, and support treasures are all the power of the great protection and dweller in the past to express their inner beliefs. The best things in foreign countries are used to build churches, which is the same. In a solemn environment, people's inner piety is easily triggered.
    The Buddha statues should be treated as a Buddha, respectful and respectful, and dismissed all kinds of disrespect, including: "good ugly" to comment on the Buddha statue, treat the Buddha statues as decorations, put them in unclear, and buy and sell. It should also be respectful to the Fa, because the law is a car that helps us to relieve life and death. The Dharma sought from respect, and respectfully benefited.
    The Buddhism does not have the saying of "the Buddha", and the Buddha statue is not a amulet, a transshipment symbol, and a mascot. Real practitioners will not be greedy for external money, but there are some people who do not know the Dharma borrowing the Buddha to collect wealth, and do not know the real treasure in their hearts.
    The practice is the heart, not the outside world, and the Buddha statue is also to inspire our hearts. For example, a photo, it is just a piece of paper, but if you have your own loved ones in the photo, you will feel a kind and warm feeling when you see your heart.
    When men and women, the Buddha statue should not be worn as an ornament. The role of the Buddha statue is to allow us to use this "image" to produce respect, respect, belief and effectiveness of the Buddha. The Buddha and Bodhisattva are the teachers and role models on our practice. It is the real conversion to act according to law. The Buddha statue should be religious and respectful, and do not wear it at will.

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