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  1. Vietnam Shajin will not fade, sand gold jewelry will not fade, and sand gold is just gold with impurities. The color is different due to the height of the formation. More than 90 % of them are red yellow, eight percent of them are pale yellow, and seven become cyan yellow.
    The golden color is red and yellow, and the real gold color is orange -yellow. Vietnamese sand gold is a colorful metal with similar colors to gold.
    The Vietnamese Shajin is actually a gold. Without purifying the thousands of feet before, after purification is the golden shop called thousands of gold jewelry, and the reason why Shajin is cheap is also because it has eliminated a lot of purification and smelting processes, which greatly reduces it. Cost, plus the purity of itself is not high, so the price is low -priced and loved by the people.
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    S sand gold jewelry maintenance
    1. The chemicals of cleaning essence will change the color of the gold, so you should take off the gold jewelry before doing cleaning.
    2. Avoid contact with high volatile substances such as perfume and glue directly, otherwise it will easily cause gold decoration to fade.
    3. When swimming, remove the gold ornaments to avoid chemical changes in the surface layer after encountering seawater or pool water.
    4, use a velvet cloth to wrap it in the jewelry box during storage to avoid rubbing and damage to each other.
    5, gold is soft and easy to deform, so do not pull the necklace and other accessories to avoid deformation.
    6. Pure gold jewelry will have a chemical reaction when it encounters water and silver, and white spots appear. When cleaning, you can restore the original color as long as you grill under the alcohol lamp for a while.
    7. The gold jewelry after wearing is often lost due to the stains and dust stains. At this time, as long as the gold decoration is placed in the neutral dishwashing agent, soaked and washed with warm water, and then removed and wiped it.
    Reference information source; Baidu Encyclopedia-Shajin

  2. 1. What is the material of sand jewelry?
    The main raw materials of sand gold jewelry are brass, because brass and gold are a color, so after cutting, it is like gold, inside and outside. The surface electrophopped layer of 24K real gold is up, so the appearance looks exactly the same as gold. Some of the four synthetic materials are used in the mezzanine for the abrasion, high temperature, corrosion resistance, and special superposition of jewelry. The last year and a half will not fade, which is why most people like Sha Jin! There are also a few people who use sand gold jewelry to serve as gold jewelry.
    2. Why is the current quality of sand gold jewelry uneven
    The real sand gold jewelry production is very particular. First of all, the choice of brass must be strictly selected. It must not be mixed with other metal substances, so that the similarity of brass and gold is closer, some polished purified brass, and the naked eye looks like gold. When it is cast into brass jewelry, it is also After four processes, we must first add anti -high temperature layers, anti -oxidant layers, because the time of brass will be darkened after a long time, it will generate temperature on the human body, and it will be added with hot water and sun. The layer and then the adhesive layer should be added. With this technology, the process and process will be reduced, so the quality of the product will have problems and the price will be relatively cheap. The last process is a vacuum electroplating 24K real gold. Please pay attention. This is really the cost of spending! When the first gold layer is plated, the perfect sand gold jewelry is exported to the factory, but after all, the thickness of the gold layer is limited, and the long time of wear will still expose the copper inside. Gold, we call Thai gold on the market, also called thick gold!
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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Sha Jin will not fade. Sands first found it, just like gold, from the mines. After the gold ore exposed the ground naked, after a long time of weathered running -in, after various bad weather, it eventually collapsed. Because Shajin has evolved from gold, it is yellow and will not fade. The gold content of sand and gold is different, but the color is the same.nQuestnAnswer the gold content of one gram of sand gold is about 5%of the gold content of one gram of gold.nAsk questions, thank younThe answer is not polite, I wish you a happy life!nQuestion I want to buy sand goldnThe answer can be bought. There is no difference between sand and gold in color, and the hardness is also high. It is not easy to deformnQuestion CKnAnswer, thank you for your consultation, I wish you a happy life!n7 morenBleak

  4. Sand gold generally refers to the pulled out of the river sand. The content is very low, only a few thousandths. It is very hard, but the purity is high. There are also sand gold mines, the content is lower, the purity is low, and the burial is also very deep, but the competition is large on the earth.
    Thekin and sand gold mines must be smelted and purified to become what people call "gold".
    The high value of gold is because the earth with less content, difficulty in mining, and the most stable performance.
    The gold will also change color, but it will not (fade). Because the air contains sulfide, such as H2S hydrogen sulfide, the color will become slightly darker after the gold is immersed for a long time, and sometimes a light -colored purple spot can be formed on the surface of the gold.
    If the gold fades, it is not necessary to say that it is fake, or the gold -plated layer is too thin, or the content of gold is not enough, which is lower than 18K gold (75%).
    If the gold jewelry you bought appears light -colored purple spots, it cannot indicate that it is a fake, and the natural purple spots are not firm. You can wipe it with a velvet, because there are not many gases that can make gold change color in the air. And the concentration is very low.
    It people who make fake gold antiques use this method, hang the imitation products in a glass bottle, put the stinky eggs underneath, and the stinky eggs release the hydrogen sulfide. One layer, then gently grind the layer of the outer surface, and then polish slightly. In this way, in the eyes of not very professional, it looks like a golden cultural relics that have been buried in the ground for thousands of years.
    The inspection of the goldenness of the gold is very simple. Instead, the local local and mining bureau "Jewelry Gold Inspection Institute". They do not need to look at it, but use X -ray fluorescent equipment to test. This test method does not need to be sampled, does not destroy gold jewelry, and is very accurate. From 12K gold (50%content) to 24K gold (75%) so -called foot red gold (999.9%) can be accurately measured, fake goods are even more even more Needless to say.

    By the way, there is no 100%pure substance in the world. The purity of gold is 9 to 999.9%from a physical and chemical nature.
    The people are old, are almost 80 years old, and are still doing keyboard men. I wonder if you are satisfied with this simple answer? If you are not satisfied, please ask again, and the old man will answer again.

  5. Hello, Sha Jin won't be back. Shajin will not fade, because Shajin is originally gold, but its gold content is not very high, so it is much cheaper in the price of making accessories. In Yunnan, Sha Jin is actually a very distinctive gold jewelry. The sand gold jewelry of the sand gold jewelry does not fade. The reason: Shajin originally originated from the mine, but it was exposed to the ground through the gold ore, and after a long time of wind and rain, the rock was weathering and cracking.

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