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  1. Clean the skin with cleansing milk first, then gently pat the skin water on the face of the skin, after it absorbs the appropriate amount of skin cream, apply the appropriate amount of golden eye cream to the eye skin, and from the eyes Massage into the eye cream into the eye cream to absorb. Next, avoid the skin around the eyes and apply the essence on the face. After massage appropriately, use the moisturizing cream, and finally apply it with a lady.

    The items contained in the nine -piece set of Beiling's golden ladies include cleansing milk, soft skin, skin milk, gold eye cream, essence, moisturizing cream, and lady cream.

    The ingredients of Beiling's golden lady nine sets of nine sets include: natural extracts such as gold, citrus grass, light fruit licorice, and sodium hyaluronic acid with efficient hydration and moisturizing.

    The skin care effect of nine -piece lady in Beiling Mi -Gold Puppets is relatively significant. Among them, tobam and golden skin care ingredients can help supplement the moisture required by the skin, and play the effect of moisturizing and brightening.

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