1 thought on “Can I exchange money for the little crown robbed in the live studio”

  1. Yes

    for the gifts received by the anchor in the live broadcast, the platform will draw a percentage of about 55%, and if the amount exceeds a certain amount, 20% personal income tax will be paid. The more popular, the more gifts received, the higher the income

    Kwai live gift calculation method:

    Kwai live flowers are 1 fast coin, lucky star is 3 fast coin, Moda is 5 fast coin, 666 is 6 fast coin, beer is 10 fast coin, blue monster is 99 fast coin, little golden man is 128 fast coin, and Ocean Star is 168 fast coin. Ten fast coins are equivalent to one yuan. The exchange ratio between fast currency and RMB is 10:1

    although there are many types of vehicles, the structure is similar. This should be said to be the credit of standardization and the need of large-scale production lines. With the development of society, the progress of science and technology and the change of demand, the shape of railway vehicles has begun to change, especially the passenger cars are no longer the same old faces. However, their basic structure has not changed significantly, only the specific parts have more scientific and advanced structural design

    generally speaking, the basic structure of the vehicle is composed of five parts: car body, underframe, running gear, coupler buffer device and brake device

    the vehicle body is the part of the vehicle for loading goods or passengers, and is also the foundation for installing and connecting other components of the vehicle. The car body of early vehicles was mainly made of wood, supplemented by steel plates and bow bars. The modern car body is mainly composed of steel structure or light metal structure

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