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  1. In the era when more and more people are pursuing individuality, jewelry customization is an inevitable trend of the development of jewelry industry. The biggest advantage of jewelry customization is the one-to-one service, which is to customize jewelry for customers. This will give customers a better sense of shopping experience, a stronger sense of participation, and can buy satisfactory products. In addition, what are the advantages of jewelry customization

    Jewelry customization is very advantageous in price. The operating cost of brand jewelry is higher, and the unit price of jewelry is also higher. There are many suppliers running around the gemstone mining areas in China, which means that they share mineral resources with big brands. After all, the brands are also from the gemstone mining areas, not from their own mining. There is also less price increase in the intermediate link when looking for suppliers to get goods. Therefore, many people will directly look for jewelry suppliers to get goods for customization like Xiangtai. The goods are guaranteed and the price is saved a lot. Many people worry that the quality and authenticity of gems can not be guaranteed. In fact, there is no need to worry so much. Generally, merchants will provide corresponding jewelry identification and testing certificates, and the parameters of gems will be recorded in detail on the certificates. It is good for consumers to recognize the corresponding certificates

    Jewelry customization can bring many advantages such as more professional and specialized services and more favorable prices, but it also has disadvantages, that is, it takes too long. If there is an urgent need, it is better to choose finished jewelry

  2. In addition to appreciation or collection, jewelry purchase is more for wearing. In terms of wearing, people like personalization. The characteristic of customized jewelry is that it can create a unique piece of jewelry that best suits them according to personal requirements.

  3. Jewelry customization, of course, is to be unique, to be different and to show one's personality. Just like wearing clothes, people are always afraid of collision. Of course, there is another advantage of customization. Before we buy it, we have already selected the look we like from our hearts, and then let the jeweler make it. There will be a sense of achievement in our hearts. I remember that there is a family named yuzanglong, which makes private customized jewelry. The mode is very unique, I personally like the gold inlay of amber wax and emerald

  4. First of all, you can choose the style yourself, which has unique meaning, and you can also add some special characters.
    the price will be cheaper than that of jewelry stores. Most of the jewelry stores are on the brand.
    for example, as long as your diamond has been tested and has a certificate, you can choose k gold, gold, or platinum. You can choose how much gold is

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