5 thoughts on “Does a man look good on a gold necklace?”

  1. Nowadays, it is very common for men to wear gold necklaces. After all, decoration is not the exclusive domain of female friends, but many friends still stay in the impression of nouveau riche. Indeed, many thick and shiny gold necklaces do have an nouveau riche temperament. However, with the improvement of fashion aesthetics, there are also many exquisite and durable gold necklaces in the market

    generally speaking, gold necklaces worn by men are relatively long and heavy, ranging from seven to eight grams. Ten grams of necklaces can match five or six grams of pendants, and thirty or five grams of necklaces can match ten grams of gold pendants

    generally, men's style structure changes little, the style size is exaggerated, the weight is sufficient, and the workmanship is rough, which is to better show their masculinity. There are many styles of necklaces for women. The styles are beautiful and restrained, showing elegance, weight and lightness, and exquisite workmanship. We can also find out the weight rule of necklaces from the age temperament. The older the person is, the heavier the necklace is. On the contrary, the younger the age, the lighter the gram weight.

  2. Men wearing gold are still quite personalized and pretty. On the contrary, most women are not suitable for gold necklaces and are more suitable for wearing K gold necklaces. Men wearing gold does not mean that they are low-level. Everything is not universal. Low level depends on people's temperament and appearance, but men should not wear fake and plated ones. The thickness should conform to their own figure. People who are not fat should not wear them too thick. In fact, the most important thing is to like them and don't care too much about other people's eyes. After all, everyone has different tastes. In addition, yellow gold doesn't have to wear chains. Young people can wear gold pendants with red ropes. Leather ropes are also very beautiful, Gold is a very value preserving metal. It can even replace platinum and wear it with platinum. Gold keeps value and repels evil. Platinum is fashionable and shiny

  3. When a man wears gold jewelry, there is only one word, earth in capital! There is a rural flavor coming to our faces. Such people must have low taste, no doubt, and most of them are illiterate.

  4. Domineering, kingship, very good, men wear gold best, those who wear silver show vulgarity, those who wear colored gold and diamonds are not men, gold is the best

  5. It must look good! If it is thicker than 100g, it looks elegant. Silly people always say that gold necklaces are earthy, vulgar and tasteless. I'll ask what is tasteful?

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