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  1. Parents must not wear jewelry for their baby blindly. In fact, there are certain safety risks in wearing jewelry for their baby:

    it restricts the baby's flexible movement

    if the pure gold and silver worn is harmless to the baby's body, but because the baby is naturally active and playful, it will always be bound by the jewelry when it is moving and feels free. If the sweat left during the activity cannot evaporate and remains on the jewelry, it is very easy to cause the baby's skin discomfort

    affect the baby's sleep quality

    some bracelets or anklets are equipped with bells. Although they are beautiful and fashionable in appearance, the sound of ornaments during sleep will easily wake the baby up. Careless movements may bump against arms, ankles, etc., or produce red marks that have long pressed the body parts, which will affect the baby's sleep and thus affect the baby's healthy growth

    cause baby's skin allergy

    baby's skin is particularly tender, and wearing gold and silver jewelry, especially some jewelry with various patterns and complicated workmanship, is easy to scratch the skin, while some sensitive skin may have allergy. If the jewelry worn by the baby on the neck is made of common red rope, it is easy to wear the skin on the baby's neck and cause redness, swelling and inflammation

    may cause metal poisoning

    in order to make low-purity gold and silver jewelry have a more lustrous appearance, some harmful substances such as nickel, zinc, lead and copper will be mixed in the jewelry. If Baoma does not have a pair of eyes, these harmful substances will contact the baby's skin for a long time and penetrate into the blood through the skin, thus causing heavy metal poisoning. In serious cases, they will directly affect the kidney function and brain development. For example, wearing jewelry with low nickel release and total lead limit for a long time will cause the baby's blood lead to exceed the standard, cause anemia, cause hyperactivity, hearing impairment, mental retardation and other symptoms, and seriously affect the health of the baby

    the deadly weapon in the baby's mouth

    the baby usually begins to grow teeth after five months. The degree of biting is no less than that of suckling. Gold and silver ornaments such as bracelets have naturally become the teeth grinding tools for babies. The hygiene situation is conceivable, and inflammation and other symptoms are common. Some treasure mothers like gold and silver jewelry with many beads, so they can't wear it for children. Once the string of beads is broken, children are very likely to swallow beads, get stuck in their throats and suffocate, with a risk factor of 5 stars

    blind comparison affects life

    children of friends see that some classmates have gone to the kindergarten with gold and silver jewelry, and when they come back, they shout that they want to sell it. I say, baby, you think this can summon the dragon. Gold bracelets, gold necklaces, and changing into gold battle clothes are increasingly common. Tiao Tiao Jun firmly opposes this blind comparison behavior, which not only affects the baby's learning and life, but also misleads the baby: gold and silver are extremely rich. Bring the concept of local pride to the baby. Show off among your peers! The cultivation of children's temperament depends on innate and postnatal development. Although gold and silver can bring a certain amount of jewelry, they are only floating watches after all

    attracted the attention of the villain

    I once heard a colleague say: when taking the baby for preventive injections, several mothers were chatting from place to place. Among the babies playing by the side, one of them suddenly had a big bleeding neck! In addition to being frightened, it was discovered that the thief was forced to pull the Giant Buddha Pendant on the child's neck. Let's not talk about this kind of theft for the time being. The safety of the baby is the first priority. The baby's self-protection consciousness is relatively weak. Carrying precious gold and silver ornaments will attract the eyeballs of some undesirable elements, create favorable conditions for illegal elements to commit crimes, and cause personal safety to the baby

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