2 thoughts on “Dreaming of picking up gold and silver jewelry was afraid of being discovered by others and lost it again?”

  1. Dreaming of picking up the golden jewelry, afraid of being discovered by others and throwing it away. This is a dream of many meaning.

    men dream of silver and want to get rich.

    women dream of silver, and children are sick.

    Dreaming of gold means the failure of life. There are problems in the direction of your own life, and you can only bring more troubles to yourself.

    It dreamed of picking up the silver gold, the fatigue of physical and mental struck, nothing to do, even if it is barely doing it, it seems to be busy. The atmosphere in the group is also a bit dizzy. There are always those people around them who can't mention any new ideas. It is time to reorganize or change blood for members. However, curiosity is very strong. Always want to peep at others' actions that will make you bear the reputation that is not reputable. The doubtful action is still less. Recently, private life and family storms and the upcoming smell are strong, and the family atmosphere is needed to stay more.

    I pregnant people dreamed of picking up silver gold, indicating that there are men, autumn, and diet. Pay attention to diet.

    The people who do business dream of picking up silver gold, which means that internal personnel adjustment is expected to go smoothly, otherwise the loss will be greater.

    The people in love dreamed of picking up silver gold, indicating that the opinions were discorded, unable to trust each other, and the marriage could not be achieved.

    The people who dreamed of picking up silver gold in this year mean that the blessing is half, and must not be lost due to small. Be careful to prevent the villain from designing fragmentation.

    Dreaming about picking up silver gold. According to the analysis of the five elements of Zhouyi, the auspicious color is red, the financial position is in the direction of the west, the peach blossom is in the southwest direction, the lucky number is 9, and the food is shrimp.

    is today. About 8305 people in the global Chinese world dream of picking up silver gold like you. If you dream of picking up silver gold and buying lottery tickets, it is recommended to buy the number 25.

    above is a dream analysis of the dream of picking up silver gold. Fo Tao's dweller authorizes dreams, please indicate the source for reprinting.

    The auspicious and bad of dreaming of picking up silver gold:
    The foundation Yunji can achieve limited achievements, but because of successful transportation, it is difficult to stretch after success. Escape from disaster.

    Dreams are thoughts in your heart, thinking about every day, and dreams at night. Your dream indicates that your life will have a very good meaning.

  2. If the dreamer dreamed of picking up gold jewelry, it indicates that your recent fortunes are average, and money is risky. It is recommended that you usually keep the money brought. Recent work and career achievements depend on your efforts. Recently, you will feel lonely. People around you may easily ignore your feelings. When you are alone, you may wish to think more about your own problems.

    What does you mean to pick up gold jewelry

    Different people dream of picked up the dream analysis of gold jewelry

    Seeing the gold jewelry, it indicates that there is a daughter, the winter is born, and the

    The people who do business dream of picking up gold jewelry, which represents the wealth, humble, and not proud.

    The people in love dreamed of picking up gold jewelry, explaining that they were in line, and they had a couple. They could stand the test and marriage.

    The people who dreamed of picking up gold jewelry meant that they were right and wrong, be careful of the disaster of officials or prison.

    The dream analysis of the relevant dream of picking up the gold jewelry

    dreaming of jewelry, indicating that your job hunting fortune is average in the near future, there are not many opportunities. The state is often available. Familiar work areas may be easy to get opportunities.

    Dreaming of a lot of gold jewelry, indicating that your interpersonal relationship is not very good in the near future, but you are unwilling to communicate with others, speak too sharply, and easily hurt others. Learn to check and analyze carefully.

    The psychological analysis of the psychological analysis of picking up gold jewelry

    psychological analysis: Dreaming of picking up gold jewelry, in psychology, seeing gold indicates in the dream, indicating in the dream. Personal personality is the most perfect and valuable. If you pick up gold in your dream, it means that you may not find your own skills and characteristics.

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