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  1. What are the humorous sentences in the circle of friends? This humorous sentence can smile with a blogger. I have compiled some funny friends circle copywriting_ Send a humorous sentence of a circle of friends. If you are interested, you can read it!

    The funny friends circle copywriting 1. Girl with fat hands, don't worry, grow up in the future male The gold ring sent by a friend is still larger!
    2. I connect all the memories into a movie, and a tragedy is produced.
    3. I am a good -tempered person. If someone stepped on my bottom line one day. What will happen? Then I will reduce the bottom line.
    4. If the teacher said that he could not throw garbage, otherwise I threw you out.
    5. Every winter, the place outside the bed is far away, the places where the hands are not enough are his hometown, the toilet is a business trip, and the last class is going abroad.
    6. Please care about the food around her, maybe she died without paying attention.
    7. You always say that your dreams are out of reach, but you never go to bed early or get up early.
    8. Self -portrait: Three minutes are doomed, seven points against filter.
    9. It is not easy to think of me too complicated.
    10. I just made a very risky investment. If it succeeds, I can earn a few hundred million yuan. If it fails, I will be drifting in these two dollars.
    11. I am really lucky. I am grateful to know these sincere friends for many years. My attitude towards me has been unchanged. For example, last year's Mid -Autumn Festival gifts, no, this year's Mid -Autumn Festival gifts are still not.
    12. My wife asked me: If there are female colleagues seduce you, would you obey? I smiled and shook my head, haha, who was it as a person? I am the kind of person who would tell you true thoughts?
    13. Ghosts are very afraid of death, because they become people after they die.
    14. I thought the money could be bought everything before, but later I found that I was not enough.
    15. Children are sad when they are sad. We do n’t do it. We have to eat well or buy something.
    16. I am talented for boys, and it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, so handsome.
    17. Don't talk, feel my handsomeness with heart.
    18. I am a very principled person.我的原则是,好吃的在哪里,我就在哪里!rn 19、收银员说:没零钱了,找你两个塑料袋吧!rn 20、你说走就走, I have never worried about my feelings, and I know at first glance that you are a difficult dog.
    21. Although the famous flower has the master, I come to loose the soil.
    2. You want to care about me, I will never be generous. You have to be particularly emotional, I am definitely brighter than you.
    3. It is said that I have a bad temper, jokes, look good, and have a good temper, that's it.
    24. I hope I can add to study, and then sleep and forget to eat, and finally lead to increasingly weight loss, thinner, thinner.
    25. Good horses do not eat back grass, so good horses are always hungry.
    6. What clothes are good -looking on you, not necessarily you look good, or you may be ugly, and your clothes look good.
    7. The saddest thing in the world is lack of sleep, especially when you have a cold.
    8. A luxury car just drove from me and splashed me in water. At that time, I swear that when I have money, I must buy a raincoat that belongs to myself.
    9. When you are poor, you think you will be happy when you are rich. When you really have money, you will find that you have more than happiness.
    30. In summer, I do n’t oppose girls in skirts, especially short skirts, but why should I wear safety pants inside. I got up from the ground angrily.
    1 31. Let's talk about love together, without time, I will continue to love you.
    32, the old tree old tree faint crow, air -conditioned cola watermelon, chasing the drama lying on the sofa, the sunset west, the mood is so good.
    33. Do not underestimate the curiosity of a girl! She can turn a person's Weibo, comment and reply from this year to the previous year! As long as she wants to know!
    34, the fate always always always has fate. Fair, God will make you make up for you, so you can make up for you and let you go to Singles Day.
    35, love like ghosts, there are many people who believe, but fewer people see.
    36. I should be on Taobao, because I am also a baby.
    37. In order to prevent me from spending money in the New Year, I have finished spending money in advance. This is me, unexpected me. I just have different fireworks, and I see myself get angry.
    38. Drinking more soul chicken soup is useless. Scientifically proves that the dirty chicken soup is the most nutritious.
    39. Seeing that someone in the distance is exactly the same as the clothes I wear, and I can't help but sigh in my heart: People with the same clothes are different, his clothes are like a fool, approaching a look, mirror!
    40. Smart girls are generally fatter, because the latest scientific research proves that women use adipose tissue to store IQ. The thicker the fat layer, the higher the IQ.
    41. I eat together for dinner together, go home and call carpooling together. You give me the second half of your life. From then on, you live together. This is called desperately.
    42. Losing weight will never go to the bridgehead to be straight. You weight, you sink without the bridgehead.
    43. Once my love for you, you are a play, now you love me, I am a fart you put.
    44. I am thirty degrees in the south, you wear autumn pants in the north.
    45. Don't always make excuses for yourself! If constipation, you will be strange to be gravitational!
    46. I said that I would not be aggrieved at a little bit, and it was more than a little bit.
    47. The opportunity is like a hairy on the bald head. If you grab it, you caught it.
    48. The existence of tears is to prove that sadness is not an illusion.
    49. Those who have a girlfriend are called New Year's Eve, even if you stay up late.
    50. Instead of extrication, in addition to teeth, there is also love.
    51. When I got up in the morning, I thought I grew taller overnight, but I found out that I was covered with a quilt.
    52. If you can appreciate my strange and strange you are as cute as me.
    53. I want to make onions in my next life. Whoever bullys me will make anyone cry.
    54. Finally know why most courier is men, because if it is a female, I will dismantle it for you halfway.
    55. Don't like someone because of the water in your brain, in case the water is dried up.
    56. If you think you are soaked in me, you can try it big, and I will let you know what the heart is.
    57, the table is too hot, the Mahjong is just good, and it is faint.
    58. Your new love is not the broken shoes of others.
    59. Sometimes I feel like I like you, and I feel like eating too much.
    60. Failure is successful fucking, then I already have a lot of mothers, but there is no pregnancy.
    Mimly sentences in the circle of friends 1. Happiness does not rely on who you are, what do you have, he only depends on what you think.
    2. Things that are lost. Always second -hand goods.
    3. The price of the grave is so fast that it can't afford to die.
    4. Wear other people's shoes, take their own way, and let them find it.
    5. Don't tell me to let me come here-I am Avanti!
    6. When the goods are expired, people are tired when people look tired. You can be in my heart.
    7. What is the way to go and go, take the car directly.
    8. It may not be an enemy or a neighbor upstairs.
    9. Nothing does nothing but does not matter, it doesn't matter. (Dai Jianwei)
    10. The true meaning of the iron rice bowl is not to eat in one place, but to eat somewhere in my life. (Su Mei)
    11. If eating more fish can make people smarter, then I must have eaten at least one pair of whales ...
    . The success of life is not to get a good card, But how to play bad cards.
    1 13. The only obstacle to prevent me from learning is my education.
    14. When mathematical principles are used in reality, it is uncertain. When they are certain, they are not suitable for reality.
    15. Common sense is a variety of prejudices formed by people before the age of eighteen.
    16. The release of atomic energy does not cause a new problem. It just makes it more urgent to solve the current problem.
    17. If you are determined to tell the truth, leave your decentness to the tailor.
    18. Forgive someone is simple, but it is another thing to trust them again.
    19. Life is really fun, because life is old and fucking me.
    . Journey to the West tells us: Every monster with a background has been taken away, and anyone who has no background is killed by a stick.
    21. If there is no color wolf in the world, is the beauty still valuable?
    2. I want it as simple as you want, but you can't understand.
    3. Life is unfair. We cannot complain about God, which is also futile. We can only adapt to life.
    24. If the teacher said that he could not throw garbage, otherwise he would throw you out early.
    25. When I love you, what you say is what is. When I don't love you, what you say you are.
    26. Red beans are not long in the southern country, and my face is on my face, and the truth is like!
    27. Sometimes the tighter holding, the faster the loss.
    28. Sometimes I can see very lightly, and sometimes I am a bit unbearable.
    29. Sometimes, a person can hurt himself thoroughly.
    30. We are all lies between us, and what do we talk about.
    31. Sometimes I like to listen to songs, not because of the good song but the lyrics are written like yourself.
    32. The most painful thing in the world is to fall in love with someone who is infatuated with others.
    33. It's mine, don't move. It's not mine, you put it there.
    34. Everyone will be tired, no one can bear all the sadness and fatigue for you.
    35. You will never understand, I don't care about my pretending.
    36. Sometimes I feel like a neuropathy. Class name or class instance.
    37. I always thought your world was only me, just like you in my world.
    38. Many times the other party does not care about you, but you care more about the other party.
    39. Pretend to be an indifferent attitude, tell everyone, I don't care, I am fine.
    40. I love you, so I will wait, I wait for you, and always love it.

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