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  1. The identification of jade bracelets

    If in various emerald jade jewelry, the largest jade bracelet is the most output, and the highest value is also jade bracelets. When there is no crack, we must first strive to process a jade bracelet. People who like emerald jade bracelets do not understand emerald, and they are most afraid of encountering raccoon. At present, the recognition of glass imitation jadeite jade bracelets on the market is probably the most common and simplest of the picnia. Of course, there are other inferior materials to impersonate the jadeite jade bracelet. At this time, the identification of the jade jade bracelet is particularly important.

    It, as the saying goes: interlaced like a mountain, ordinary consumers are not able to identify the authenticity of the jade bracelet. Even if you search for a lot of appraisal methods on the Internet, you will look at it. The method is correct. Even if you try it according to the method introduced online, you cannot guarantee that the identification must be accurate, but you will be more uneasy because of uncertainty. In view of this, the Wulu River Emerald has written some common sense of the identification of jade bracelets for you, and I believe that you will help you understand how to identify the jade bracelets.

    The authenticity of the jade bracelet through the quality inspection station

    The general consumers without the instrument of the laboratory, based on the naked eye or simple method, to the jade The true and false of the bracelet and the real material for accurate judgments are more difficult. In order to get the most reliable and accurate judgment results, the simplest and convenient way is to obtain a jade bracelet identification certificate from the merchant, or get the local local ones. The quality inspection station is identified. Different inspection stations have different charging standards, generally ranging from 20 to 200 yuan.国家权威机构的鉴定证书对翡翠鉴定的准确度相当高,应该说很少有漏货的时候,而且即使万一有了问题,给消费者带来了损失,您也可追究补偿,因为现在的Jewelry appraisers, like registered accountants, are responsible for the results of the appraisal.

    The request to issue a jade bracelet appraisal certificate when buying. This is the simplest and most convenient method. It is also a written certificate that consumers guarantee. The certificates that can be queried online are real certificates. On the top of the jade bracelet appraisal certificate, the address, telephone, and URL of the appraisal agency can be written. You can call or online inquiries on the Internet. If you can find it, it is true jade bracelet.

    The front and aspect of the jade bracelet appraisal certificate
    what is the qualified jade appraisal certificate? Qualified jadeite The appraisal certificate must have several conditions:

    1. The qualifications of the testing agency are issued, and a regular jewelry and jade quality inspection certificate must be issued. The inspection certificate must be printed with any logo in the three signs of CMA, CAL, and CNACL.

    CMA The measurement certification unit consisting of a national or provincial measurement certification review agency. Such as (93) quantity (national) word F0885 — National Jewelry and Jade Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, (2002) Acknowledged (country)

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