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  1. 2000
    · Company registration
    · Changsha office was established to open the first counter in the country. Established, GMOND Jimeng Jewelry Expand the Sichuan Retail Market
    · Become the designated promoter of the International Platinum Association
    n · Become the DTC Diamond Promotion Center Marriage Diamond Relief Promotioner
    · Pass the ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Management System Certification
    · GMond Jewelry Jewelry to become a member unit of Shanghai Gold Exchange
    · Winning " The honorary title of the well -known brand of Chinese jewelry industry
    · The establishment of the inlaid plant
    · National Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine Administration determined that the Ji League metal plating popular jewelry is "China Famous Brand"
    · The first time for the first time Won the honorary title of "Guangdong Famous Brand"
    · GMond Jewelry work "Thousand Hands Guanyin" won the third prize of the EFD Princess Diamond Jewelry Design Contest
    Alliance Jewelry Expansion Shanghai Retail Market
    · Won the honorary title of "Shenzhen Municipal Private Leading Enterprise"
    · GMond Jewelry works "Auspicious Song" won the first Chinese jewelry design pioneer platinum group Silver Award
    · GMond Jewelry Jewelry "Nirvana" won the first Chinese jewelry design pioneer award diamond jewelry group excellent award
    · Lanzhou office, GMOND Jimeng jewelry expands the western retail market in the western region
    · GMond Jewelry Special Franchise Business Pass the Ministry of Commerce File License
    · Winning the honorary title of "Standardized Good Behavior AAAA Class Enterprise" Selected into the Shenzhen Jewelry Regional Brand Member Enterprise
    · Winning the honorary title of "Guangdong Province Famous Brand" again
    · The honorary title of "Shenzhen Chain Operation 30 Enterprises"
    · Join Shenzhen City Standard alliance of precious metals and jewelry jade jewelry enterprises
    · The first batch of "Corporate Credit Evaluation AAA Credit Enterprises" title
    n · The honorary title of "Shenzhen Intellectual Property Overlord Enterprise"
    · Honorary title of "Shenzhen Key Cultural Enterprise"
    · GMOND Jewelry Jewelry works "Dream Gao Fei" won 2010 China (Shenzhen) The second prize of the International Jewelry Jewelry Design Contest
    · The company officially renamed "Shenzhen Jimeng Jewelry Co., Ltd."
    · GMOND Ji League jewelry work "Fantastic Year" won the second national jewelry production skills competition Best Design Award
    · Won the honorary title of "Shenzhen Chain Operation 50"
    · Honorary title of "Top 120 Top 100" of the Chinese Chart
    · Quality management through ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System certification
    · Passing ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System Certification
    · Winning the honorary title of "Guangdong Brand" for the third time
    · Invitation Miss Wu Peici endorsement GMond Jewelry brand
    · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n · n Together with Tencent, Pony Pentium shooting "Love Love" series of micro -movies

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