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  1. Ten strange things (Chestnut Crisp, mung bean crisp, red date cake, millet crisp, walnut crisp, wild sour jujube, peach crisp, black rice crisp, qiongguo sugar, pomegranate cake), demaogong crystal cake, Longxu crisp, sour plum powder, peanut crisp, Sanyuan Polygonum sugar, Lintong pomegranate, dahongzao, Chinese kiwi, Shaanxi chestnut, Shangluo walnut, Xifeng wine, Shaanxi green tea, imitation Tang Tri Color, paper cutting, Xi'an stele rubbings, painted clay sculpture, Lantian jade
    note: the most famous imitation Terra Cotta Warriors of Qin Dynasty in Xi'an cannot be given as a gift (because the Terra Cotta Warriors is a burial object).

  2. 1. Pancakes
    2. Bean drum
    3. Tancheng Ginkgo (there is a specialty store on Yimeng Road)
    4. Grits
    5. Yinan Chinese toon (canned, fresh, pickled)
    6. Lanling wine
    7. Cangshan garlic
    8. Panhu dog meat
    (specially packed)

  3. The top ten specialties of Hanzhong

    1. Yangxian black rice is a geographical indication product

    Yangxian black rice

    Yangxian black rice has a history of more than 2000 years. According to legend, in the Western Han Dynasty, before Zhang Qian came out, he studied in Chenggu, his hometown in Hanzhong (now Chenggu and Yangxian, Shaanxi). One day, he was sleepy reading in the willow forest, and fell asleep by the tree. In his dream, he toured the bullfighting palace, paid homage to the Wenqu star and asked for his future. Wen Quxing told him, "the future is long." Zhang Qian asked when he would become famous. Wenquxing replied...

    2. Chenggu tangerine geographical indication products

    Chenggu tangerine

    Chenggu tangerine has a long history of cultivation, more than 2000 years ago. Chenggu citrus is sweet and sour, with unique flavor and excellent quality, which is favored by northern consumers mainly in the northwest. Vigorously develop the citrus industry, effectively promoting the formation of advantageous industries and the increase of farmers' income. The total area of Citrus in the county is more than 200000 mu, and there are 209 administrative villages in 16 townships...

    3. Liuba honey is a geographical indication product

    Liuba honey

    the local honey produced in Liuba County, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province is golden in color, authentic in quality, unique in taste, and pure and free of impurities. It is a treasure in nutrition, health care and medical food. It is a famous local specialty in Hanzhong. Liuba county is located in the hinterland of the southern foot of the Qinling Mountains. It is rich in flower and grass resources and has a long history of native bee breeding. Liuba has a good ecological environment and sufficient honey supply. It is a natural breeding base for Chinese bees and has a long history of beekeeping. According to...

    4. Geographical indication products of Eucommia ulmoides

    Eucommia ulmoides

    Eucommia ulmoides is a Eucommia plant of Eucommiaceae, and the dried bark of Eucommia ulmoides is a Chinese herbal medicine. China's first pharmaceutical monograph Shennong materia medica records Du Tu 1 Lueyang dried Eucommia products Zhongyou: "it is spicy, mild and non-toxic. It can cure waist and spine pain, replenish the middle, replenish qi, strengthen the muscles and bones, strengthen the will, remove the itching under the Yin, and urinate. It is a traditional precious Chinese herbal medicine with the efficacy of" long-term use, light body and aging resistance ". Lueyang, Shaanxi Province is the geographical indication product of Eucommia ulmoides.

    5. Yangxian red rice

    Yangxian red rice

    Yangxian red rice has red and pink grain epidermis. Most of the rice varieties are semi vitreous, including indica, japonica, sticky and glutinous. As a special rice, red rice has great utilization value. In addition to direct consumption, it can also be used as raw rice for wine making, red pigment and fragrant drinks. Yangxian red rice Yangxian Crested Ibis Township grain and Oil Association 10493122 red rice...

    6. Hanzhong rice is a geographical indication product

    Hanzhong rice

    Hanzhong rice has long and thin grains, white color, crystal clear, smooth and oily, and pure smell. Hanzhong is known as the most suitable place for the growth of rice in China. Hanzhong rice is a mid late maturing indica rice variety grown in the same latitude, with a long growth period. Therefore, the quality of the rice produced is also good, with the rice quality reaching more than grade 2 and the highest grade being grade 1. Hanzhong rice protection area is about 100000 hectares, and rice is often planted...

    7. Hanzhong Xianhao geographical indication product

    Hanzhong Xianhao

    Hanzhong Xianhao effect Hanzhong Xianhao is the general name of three brands: Wuzi Xianhao, Dingjun Mingmei and Ningqiang Nestle tongue. Qinba is in full bloom in March, when green tea is fragrant. At the beginning of March, the designated tea stores in Hanzhong City, the main green tea producing area in southern Shaanxi, were uniformly replaced with the door logo with the words "Hanzhong Xianhao" printed on the national geographical indication product, which is based on the green tea garden. Hanzhong Xianhao Hanzhong North......

    8. Zhenba bacon geographical indication product

    Zhenba bacon

    bacon, also known as bacon, is a local specialty in Qinba Mountain Area in southern Shaanxi. And the bacon in Zhenba County is even more The best of them. The reason why "Zhenba Bacon" is famous in southern Shaanxi is that its unique pickling process, exquisite material selection, preservation method and cooking technology have created today's Zhenba bacon. Zhenba bacon uses natural wind to dry its water. The meat is bright in color, mellow in flavor, does not choke, and smokeless. It is in...

    9. Liuba mushroom geographical indication product

    Liuba mushroom

    Liuba mushroom is the general name of Southern Shaanxi mushrooms and is a major specialty of Shaanxi Province. The production area is mainly in the counties of Qinba Mountain Area in southern Shaanxi. It is one of the three major mushroom concentrated distribution areas in China, along with the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau and Wuling mountain area. Liuba mushroom is mainly produced in Liuba, Ningqiang, Chenggu, Zhenba, Lueyang, Ningshan, Shiquan, Pingli, Danfeng, Shangnan, Zhashui and other counties. It is an important local forest by-product. Especially Han......

    10. Ningqiang Huaxi geographical indication product

    Ningqiang Huaxi

    Ningqiang Huaxi quality technical requirements I. Asarum sieboldii Miq. 2、 Site conditions: mountainous areas with an altitude of 700m to 1500m and a slope of ≤ 11 ° within the scope of the production area. The soil type is humus soil and sandy loam, with an organic matter content of ≥ 2.0% and a soil pH value of 5.0 to 6.5

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