1 thought on “What gifts are the most suitable for leaders?”

  1. First, send high -end gifts for leaders.
    The most lacking of the moon cakes in August 15th, the moon cake will definitely be thrown into the corner by the leader, so the selection of August 15th is recommended to send some distinctive high -end gifts. For example, sending a high -end purple sand cup, a box of high -end tea is the highest choice. In August 15th, households will drink tea to enjoy the moon, or cook tea to entertain guests. The leadership of high -end tea sets is very face -to -face or entertaining guests.
    . Send a practical gift for leaders.
    It August 15th to send practical gifts for leaders is also very intimate. Gifts to the leaders can be daily necessities or office supplies, but these gifts must be characterized, because many people must give gifts to the leaders, only individual creativity, only individual creativity The gifts can attract the attention of leaders. For example, high -end signature pens, glazed jade pen holders, etc. are very culturally cultural connotations, and they are most suitable for leaders.
    . Send a healthy gift for leadership.
    The more rich, the more people who have status, the more they pay attention to health. For example, the neck, waist and shoulder massage instrument, the infrared thermal therapy massage pillow is the most needed health care products for the office family. He will also return to the leader and he will return it.
    Extension information:
    The principle of giving gifts to the leader:
    1. Consider what leaders are taboo, do not send unsuitable gifts. For example, the older person is very taboo to send him the clock, because "bell" and "end" are the same.
    2, the gift for the other party should be what the other party needs and likes.
    3, we must do what you can, and also be affectionate, reasonable, and legal.
    4. If you have characteristics, it is best to "have no self."

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