5 thoughts on “What is the price of the jade pendant?”

  1. Chalcedony is pure agate, so the price is only a little higher than agate. Of course, it refers to pure color. In general, if there is no simple Pendant of carving, the price is about ten to ten yuan.

  2. Chalcedony, also known as chalcedony, is another name for agate without obvious stripes. Generally, the identification certificate is labeled as "chalcedony". Consumers who do not understand the variety of jade often mistakenly think that chalcedony is the "essence of jade" and that it is the best jadeite. In fact, it is not only not jadeite - the ingredients are completely different, but also very cheap. Generally, it can be bought for more than ten yuan. Often, green chalcedony is made of chalcedony after burning and dyeing, Because the price of chalcedony is low and the appraisal fee is low, whether it is dyed or burnt will not be detected and marked on the certificate.

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