1 thought on “What small gifts to give between students”

  1. NO.1DIY hand -painted sunshine jar

    The sunlight can not only exquisite, but also very creative, and can also customize text content. Dry the sun during the day, and it can be shined at night. It is very warm gift without charging without a battery.

    NO.2 Boom dull and cute touch induction lights
    The cute and cute night lights can instantly attract the eyes of children's shoes. It is a must -have night lamp for students' evening self -study.

    no.3 Wooden engraving guitar U disk
    is very small and portable wooden guitar U disk, engraved with the name you want to give, it becomes a creative gift. And the U disk is also a tool for copying learning materials, which is very helpful for students to improve their academic performance.

    NO.4 What a small alarm clock
    This clock is a very common item, but when the alarm clock encounters a message board, the combination of its two becomes a very creative gift. You can write some inspirational quotations above to motivate students to work hard.

    NO.5 high -end pen gift box
    This is an indispensable use of students to learn. The good pen is used for practicing words and test papers. It can save a lot of effort and time. Sending a student with a pen, not only practical and beautiful, but also wish him to write a better life.

    NO.6 Creative Micro Landscape Ceramics Cup
    The students are the most needed people who need to replenish water. Send students a creative micro -landscape ceramic cup. Looking at the small landscape at the top of the water cup is very helpful for alleviating learning pressure.

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