2 thoughts on “Where can I buy gold? What are the procedures for buying gold?”

  1. Gold is a thing that many people like to collect very much. In the past, aunts have been crazy about buying gold, which shows that people still love gold very much. Because gold has been a symbol of wealth since ancient times. In ancient times, gold was still used as currency. Today, thousands of years later, the value of gold has not decreased. It can be seen that the value of gold is very high. At present, many people still buy gold for investment or collection. However, with the progress of science and technology, some technologies are used in improper places. Many gold is adulterated with other things, resulting in the decline of the value of gold. Many people will be cheated when buying gold. Many people will wonder where to buy gold and what procedures are required to go through

  2. You can buy gold at Alipay, major exchanges or gold jewelry stores, or at some investment platforms. There is no need to go through any formalities to buy gold. Just go and buy it directly. Because gold is also an ordinary investment, it can be purchased directly on some platforms without any formalities.

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