4 thoughts on “Where has the wholesale jade raw stone. How much is it per ton?”

  1. the jadeite raw stone can be obtained in the public market of Myanmar, and the reference price is 40 million euros / ton to 60 million euros / ton by 2020

    most of the green raw stone of 5 million euros was invested by a Chinese businessman at a price of 17 million euros, becoming the "king of the year". Some experts say that this material can produce more than ten jade bracelets and many green pendants

    according to the current price in the wholesale market, a full green bracelet can be sold for at least millions of yuan, and the lowest price of a full green pendant is more than 50000 yuan. If it is a retail business, this standard King can definitely make the buyer profitable, which is much higher than the standard King who spent money to earn money in previous years

    some jadeite merchants participating in the public offer said that the transaction price of medium and high varieties of jadeite raw stones in the public offer was still high, while the price of medium and low-end jadeite fell

    for example, the price of green jadeite raw stone is always high. There is a raw stone composed of three color root materials, which weighs only 7kg and is green. However, the color root is cracked, so it can not be used for bracelets and egg noodles, only for pendants, which greatly affects the overall value

    the starting price was 36000 euros, and the winning price reached 270000 euros

    extended data

    as the leading jade wholesale market in the mainland, the Hualin jade business circle in Guangzhou and the Pingzhou jade business circle in Foshan all saw a cold deal at the jade stalls, and nearly 1 / 4 of the stalls were transferred to other low-priced cultural and entertainment accessories

    in an interview with the media, Lin Xiaoyun, a master of Arts and crafts in Guangdong Province, pointed out that at least one-third of the jadeite practitioners have changed their jobs or stopped their business. The overall market has been declining since 2012. At present, it can be regarded as the lowest period of the market, and the price and transaction situation have been affected

    although Myanmar's public offer in 2015 has shrunk significantly, the number of jade merchants bidding and bidding has decreased compared with last year, and the number of professionals has not decreased. This indicates that the jadeite market will strengthen its professionalism from the source, which is an excellent signal for the formation of the excellent environment and atmosphere of the jadeite market, which means that the jadeite market will bid farewell to the situation of mixed good and bad

    reference source: People's Daily - shrinking of Myanmar's public market: will the jadeite market decline?

  2. I'm afraid there are many places,
    Where are you
    however, if you ask this question,
    it means that you don't understand jade at all,
    you have never played in this industry,
    I'm afraid...

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