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  1. The gold prices of the four banks are similar. The "ICBC gold" of the four major banks is a kind of spot gold launched by ICBC. ICBC uses e-commerce information technology to provide services for the legal production, operation and sales of precious metals in China, and deposits funds in the bank. It makes use of the e-commerce platform to directly quote and match online through the Internet, and realizes online ordering and repurchase through online sales and online shopping. The "ICBC fund" is traded daily, and the price refers to the international gold price. In the process of "ICBC fund" transaction, the funds were deposited by ICBC and entrusted to 21000 outlets nationwide. Your capital security is guaranteed, and there is no worry about trading
    1. China Construction Bank (CCB): About 348 yuan / g
    2. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Ruyi gold): about 343.38 yuan / g
    3. Agricultural Bank of China (heirloom): about 342.28 yuan / g
    4. Bank of China (BOC jixiangjin): about 345.17 yuan / g expansion data: in general, the gold bar prices of the four major banks are the lowest, but there is no significant difference. It should be reminded that the price of gold bars is constantly changing. The above prices are for reference only, and the data published by the bank shall prevail. In addition, the selling prices of different branches are different. The collection value of gold is as follows: 1. Fight against inflation. Over the past few decades, inflation has been so serious that it has troubled all countries. Currency devaluation, currency purchasing power decline
    and currency devaluation. In some extreme cases, national currency inflation is serious, and paper money will become waste paper. Gold itself is a valuable commodity. The price of gold will rise with inflation, that is, gold offsets the loss of inflation and ensures that investors' assets will not be eroded by inflation
    2. Excellent hedging function. When the world's political situation and economy are unstable, especially in the event of war or economic crisis, many common investment tools such as stocks, funds and real estate will be seriously impacted. At this time, gold reflects good risk aversion. Even in the face of economic crisis, the gold price can remain unchanged or even rise steadily, and maintain the asset value. With the continuous mining of gold deposits and the continuous increase in demand, gold has become more rare and enhanced its risk aversion property
    3. World access in ancient times, people around the world regarded gold as the best way to travel. Until now, gold is still the world currency. As long as you have real gold in your hand, banks, jewelers and gold merchants around the world can exchange gold into local currency. Gold can travel around the world unimpeded, and its currency status is more stable than the dollar. In addition, gold is also a world recognized asset, and people of all countries have a consensus on the value of gold
    there are two types of Bank gold bars, one is its own brand, and the other is the brand of other companies. Private brands are much cheaper than those sold on a commission basis, but more expensive than those of some gold companies. In fact, the quality is the same, mainly because of the high cost of the bank. One reason is that Jindian is mainly engaged in processing and banks are mainly financial institutions. The sources of operating profits of the two are different

    Jewelry bars and investment bars are similar in price. The workmanship style of jewelry gold bars seems to be better. The investment gold bars are rough, and the jewelry gold bars do not have investment value. Repurchase fee: 2 yuan / g for gold bars and 0.5 yuan / g for silver. This is equivalent to the handling fee Note: the customer must ensure that your packaging, certificates and anti-counterfeiting labels are intact and complete.

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