led display how to change the word

The led display and China led dmx512 strip can be replaced with a serial cable or USB flash drive. To alter the characters through the serial line, first connect the LED display screen to the computer, open the LED subtitle editing software installed on the computer for modification, set the screen, edit the font, and click Send.

To alter words via USB flash drive, first click USB download, and then save the Settings and contents to the USB drive. If necessary, simply use the USB flash drive to copy the content directly to the LED display for replacement. Another way is to make changes via your phone or remote control.

led display typically uses USB interface and COM interface to transmit data. Select the USB interface for transferring data to modify the displayed content, such as ledshow2012 and ledplay software, and modify the displayed content in the software after operation.

If the control screen is a full-color control system, you can use led vision software, and then right-click Add file window and text window on the LED screen side of the main interface, you can modify the screen and add text. Specifically, you can click the Help button at the top of the software. Monochrome and two-color control systems are also control systems that are downloaded and installed from the corresponding electronic screen. ​Normally, you need to adjust the font size, font color, and font type.

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