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  1. of course, it's buying gold to keep its value gold is real. When you buy gold, you can pay as much as you want. But when you buy gold jewelry, you need to pay extra processing fees. If you want to sell the gold jewelry back, people still need to deduct the loss and labor of the gold jewelry restored to gold, so they also need to deduct some expenses. Gold is different. It is based on the market price, and there is no fee to deduct

    buying gold to maintain value

    since ancient times, people have always used gold to maintain value. This is reasonable. Because the currency is unstable, it may depreciate. If the currency depreciates, the money people hold in their hands becomes worthless. But gold is different. Gold is a precious metal, its value is relatively stable, so many people choose to buy gold to maintain value

    generally, gold is not decorated, but gold jewelry is made through processing, which contains the painstaking efforts of designers and the sweat of processors. Therefore, when gold jewelry is sold, a certain processing fee will be charged. And gold is not used. The same weight of gold, but gold jewelry costs more. In addition, when the gold jewelry is recovered, the relevant expenses for recovering the gold jewelry into gold still need to be deducted. This means that gold jewelry is not suitable for value preservation

    it is not absolute to look at the problem. It is not to say that all gold jewelry does not maintain its value. If your gold jewelry is designed by famous masters and made by famous craftsmen, it will be of great historical value if it is auctioned back at a high price at the auction. This is different. Of course, this kind of gold is more valuable than gold of the same weight

    generally speaking, buying gold is more valuable than buying gold jewelry. In some special cases, gold jewelry is more valuable than gold

  2. Chinese people have a fanatical pursuit for gold, because gold is not only a symbol of identity, but also can maintain and increase value. So we can see reports of Chinese aunts buying gold all over the world. So for gold, should we buy gold to maintain value or should we buy gold jewelry to maintain value

    I: first, understand the concept of gold and gold jewelry

    generally speaking, gold is a kind of metal, but because it is difficult to mine, and it is very special and precious, it is regarded as the leader of hardware and has the title of "king of metal". Gold jewelry generally refers to decorations made of gold. For example, gold necklaces and bracelets have beautiful and appreciative value

    in recent years, with the continuous development of society and the gradual maturity of technology, gold jewelry has become very exquisite. In addition, people's pursuit of the intrinsic meaning of gold, so many people choose to buy gold jewelry. They think that buying gold jewelry not only brings face but also has the function of maintaining value. However, many people choose to buy gold bars and bullion for investment

    Second: buy gold or buy gold jewelry to maintain value I personally think that if it is for investment purposes, it is better to buy gold to maintain value. Gold jewelry is not suitable for investment because the price of gold jewelry is relatively high. People who have bought gold jewelry know that the price of gold jewelry is integrated with labor costs, such as design costs or manufacturing costs. Its price is much higher than that of ordinary gold bars

    then, from the perspective of circulation, gold is easier to circulate than gold jewelry we found that after buying gold ornaments, most gold shops do not agree to cash in, but agree to replace them or to rebuild them at an increased price. Therefore, I personally think that if we consider the possibility of future appreciation, buying gold is more valuable than buying gold ornaments

    in short, I personally think it is more appropriate to buy gold bullion and gold bars for investment purposes, but if it is for collection purposes, I suggest choosing gold jewelry with aesthetic value. The above suggestions are for reference only

  3. in fact, if we look back on the gold market in the past 20 to 30 years, we can probably take the year 2000 as a watershed: the gold market was a bear market before, and the gold market was a bull market in the last ten years. The sharp fluctuations and jumps in the gold market in the past year or so indicate that gold can actually be listed as a risk asset. It is somewhat reluctant to say that it is a tool for maintaining and increasing value
    purely from the perspective of investment, I think paper gold is OK, with small price difference and low cost. It's OK to buy gold bars directly, but the cost will be higher, but you can see the physical objects
    if you want to invest and have a collection hobby, you can consider yellow jewelry. If only from the perspective of value preservation, it may be better to invest in gold bars, because the liquidity of gold bars is strong, unlike jewelry, it is difficult to find a counterparty, and there is no mature trading market

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  4. Gold jewelry is mainly used for decoration and wearing. Generally, it does not have the function of maintaining value and appreciation, so it is not cost-effective to invest in gold jewelry. The financial planner of Chongqing Branch of China CITIC Bank said that the processing fee and tax fee of gold jewelry are relatively high. The price of gold jewelry purchased by investors is generally a certain proportion of premium on the basis of the price of gold raw materials, while the repurchase price of gold jewelry is usually a certain proportion of discount on the basis of the price of gold raw materials. Therefore, even if the price of gold rises during the holding period of gold jewelry, the effect of maintaining and appreciating the value of gold jewelry is not obvious
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