5 thoughts on “What kind of jewelry keeps its value?”

  1. The best value keeping jewelry is pure gold jewelry, which not only keeps value but also increases value. However, when buying, remember to choose large brands. The quality of jewelry of large brands such as Chow Tai Fook is guaranteed

  2. No jewelry can keep its value. The recovery price of second-hand jewelry such as diamonds, red sapphires, tourmalines, pearls, emeralds and other gems is generally about 20%, and the loss of international luxury goods is more than 70%. The loss of gold jewelry is about 40-50%, and the loss of 18K gold jewelry is also about 70%. The loss ratio of 18K gold-plated jewelry and silver gold-plated jewelry is almost the same as that of them. The only difference is that the price of gold-plated jewelry and gold-plated jewelry is only a tenth to a tenth of these precious jewelry, and the loss corresponding to the low purchase value is only a tenth of a precious jewelry, Usually, the depreciation loss of a valuable piece of jewelry is enough to buy fashionable jewelry for more than ten years. Moreover, fashion jewelry will closely follow the fashion trend and change with the change of fashion trend. Different clothes will match different jewelry, so as to make yourself more temperament, aura, fashionable and beautiful, and unique. From celebrities to ordinary people in Europe and the United States, jewelry is the main consumption in people's lives. As long as China has a lot of money and people are stupid, countries that only buy expensive jewelry but not good ones will consume jewelry in large quantities. It is not enough that the post-90s generation will follow the trend in Europe and the United States. Jewelry is the main consumption in people's lives.

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