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  1. Case of distinguishing red and sapphire with secret techniques to distinguish between natural products and synthetic products (belonging type: jewelry) Case: Ms. Xu is an executive of a foreign trade company in Beijing and a full jewelry enthusiast. Various jewelry, especially red and sapphire, are dazzling. However, Ms. Xu told reporters that there are few treasures of "fame" in these gems collected by her house, which made her very distressed because she likes gems very much. , So she wants to ask experts to teach a few "secret techniques" of red and sapphire. Guide experts: Professor Yu Xiaojin, a senior expert in the Chinese Geological Museum, is red and sapphire. The ruby ​​and sapphires usually call red and blue gems. In fact, the real ruby ​​and sapphire (SAPPHIRE) reaches the gemstone Grade Gangyu (Gangyu is the name of minerals). The hardness of red and sapphire is second only to diamonds in all minerals in nature. Their chemical components are alumina (al2O3). The time is red, the iron and titanium are blue; the shape is a three -way crystal system, and the crystal shape in nature is often columnar (slightly thinner at both ends, slightly thicker in the middle) or plate -shaped hexagon, with a more barrel -like shape like a barrel -like shape ; The color is mainly color, red and blue. Ruby is mainly dark purple or orange -red. The sapphire is mainly blue or blue -green, and the others are green, yellow, pink, brown and other colors; the hardness is 9; relative density; relative density; It is 3.99-4.0; due to the dual crystals of common pool and contact with dual crystals, there will be cracks; the overall is transparent to translucent, and the gloss shows the glass luster to the Aslem. Most of the fluorescence; usually red and sapphire's refractive index can reach 1.762-1.778. For red and sapphires containing three sets of fiber-oriented fiber-oriented, the arc-shaped plain cutting can produce starlight effects. The value of red and sapphire measures the value of red and sapphire is closely related to its particle size and weight. The gemstones below half carats are more common and the price is cheap; if it exceeds one carat, it will be much more expensive. The number rises. If it is greater than 10 carats and the quality is very good, it is very rare, and the value can reach millions of dollars. Generally, it can be divided into the following levels to estimate the value: less than 0.5 carats, fine grains, easy to get, for group inlaid very cheap; 0.5-1 carats, small grains, easy to obtain, can be used as small precepts, cheap; 1- 2 carats, medium grains, can generally afford it, can be used as a rotten pendant; 2-3 carats, large grains, high value, large market demand; 3-5 carat Very large, expensive, very rare. The difference between red and sapphire natural products and synthetic products is very different from the shape of red, sapphire natural products and synthetic products. First of all, observing the growth pattern in the gemstone, most of the synthesis of flame melting method is curved, and natural crystals formed It's straight. Third, observing the bodies in the gemstone, the synthetic gemstone often contains the small melting dots and the residue of the feldling agent, which is "worm -like" under 20 times; sometimes there are round air bubbles and Tiny bubbles, sometimes hexagonal or triangular platinum tablets falling off on the cricket. Most of the parcels in natural gems are small golden red stone crystals, or fingerprint gas liquid wraps; small cracks are also common. Finally, observe its color. The color of the synthetic products is too gorgeous and very uniform. It looks a bit rigid and dazzling, while the natural product is relatively soft. Cutting is also an important factor that affects the value of red and sapphires is also very particular about cutting work, including two categories: aspect and plain surface; the shapes include ellipse, circular, emerald, pear -shaped, olive -shaped and mixed. The most popular of these is the mixed shape, the wide oval shape. The evaluation of cutting is not as strict as diamonds. Generally, it does not take a lot of gem value, but if the cut is too poor, it greatly affects its value. Good cuts pay attention to three points: 1. Cutting positioning: Because red and sapphire are all opposite sex, they are poly -colored. When cutting, the table should be strictly vertically in the direction of the long axis to avoid the effects of multi -color, so that the finished product can see the purest and saturated color from the table, which is the correct orientation. Otherwise, it will lead to incorrect colors, which is affected by multi -color. 2. Police and symmetry: No matter which type of cutting gem is used, it must meet the requirements of standard specifications, and the symmetry is good and cannot be skewed. The proportion and angle of long, width, and thickness are important, and must meet the standards, because these standards are designed based on the reflection index of gems and the principle of full reflection of light, which can achieve the best effect. If it is cut thin, it will leak light, the color is light, and the color dispersion effect is poor. There is no "fire head" in the interview. It is called "fish eye effect". Darkness also affects the "fire head". 3. Polishing: The quality of polishing can affect the gloss of the gem. High -quality polishing makes the gem a stronger luster and shiny. 4. Starlight effect: For red and sapphires containing three sets of fibrous arranged fiber -oriented in the fiber, the arc -shaped plain cutting can produce starlight effects. This type of gemstone must not only consider symmetry and proportions, but also choose the direction and location to make the stars of the finished product in the middle. If the cut is not good, the value of the signs of signs will be reduced. (Author: Yang Weiwei) Keywords: sapphire and ruby ​​ruby ​​Jewelry Jewelry Jewelry Jewelry Tips. Account password: Your password attachment (optional): discern red sapphire with secret techniques to distinguish between natural products and synthetic products. Related transactions of authentic trading ruby ​​rough ruby ​​rosette diamond rings of ruby ​​raw stones sell ruby ​​peony swing related auction Ruby pendant ruby ​​bracelets ruby ​​bracelet Ring Ringri Rings related characters related characters Market: Rainstone Graduate Auction Big Analysis Series -Related Collection Ruby Ruby Jewelry Sell Rockets Ring Ring Ring Necklace Related Forum Ruby Is Ruby? 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