2 thoughts on “Dreaming of taking jewelry from the ashes”

  1. Dreaming of a father -in -law's ashes means:
    This, you attach importance to one thing these two days, often not in its interest, but in its own rights, and the sense of victory that you bring to you. This feeling can be a possession of a piece of jewelry, or it may be a love and friendship.无论是什么事物,你都是希望自己处在霸权的位置!

    The auspicious and bad of dreaming of a father -in -law's ashes:
    Blords are good, the situation is safe, and it can be successful and successful. If the behavior is not cultivated, the character is not ascendant, it may be too unruly, the disturbing changes or desertation or defeat, please do it, and be exempted from the loss of self -benefit.若无凶数便无灾祸之忧。 【大吉】rn仅供娱乐,迷信不能信!

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