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  1. 1. "Desperate Sanlang" entertainment

    one who eats bitterly is a master. This sentence may be a portrayal of Gambi's life

    in 1980, Gambi was born into an ordinary family in Chaoshan, Guangdong. Gambi belongs to the kind of person whose original family environment is very bad. His father has the bad habit of domestic violence. His mother divorced early and took their sisters to make a living. He lived in poverty

    it is also these difficult experiences in childhood that have created Gambi's spirit of never giving up and always moving forward

    at this time, Lau Luan Hsiung had married baoyongqin. With the support of his wife, Lau Luan Hsiung and his friends set up aimegao company, and had also earned the first billion yuan in his life

    before that, Lau Luan Hung's dream was to have a one million yuan deposit and live in a house of more than one million yuan, while baoyongqin regarded the career of helping her husband and children to achieve her lover as her ultimate goal. It's a pity that, with luck, Lau Luan hung has more wealth than he can imagine, and the baoyongqin is gradually away from the dream of loving one person

    when Gambi and his mother and sisters lived in a small house, and the family lived on a meagre income, Liu Luan Hsiung was dominating the market and the love scene

    in 1983, aigomei was listed, with a total asset of HK $500 million. After that, because of falling out with his partners, Lau Luan hung sold his shares, causing the stock market to plummet. He then bought at a low price, making a lot of money and controlling the company. Since then, Lau Luan hung has been like a sniper in the stock market, seizing the opportunity to strike, and he has been like a fish in water in the stock market

    gradually, Liu Luan Hsiung, whose wealth has expanded, is not only satisfied with making money, but also starts to be a sniper in the love field. That was the first stage of his love, and the focus was on collecting stunning beauties

    Guan Zhilin, Li Jiaxin, Cai Shaofen, Hong Xin and other peerless beauties were all captured by Lau Luan hung, and he spent a lot of money for the beauties. Liu Luan Hsiung is really a master of love. He has good means. He is not only willing to give high-end gifts, but also knows how to be considerate of girls

    you can send luxury goods, jewelry and luxury houses to beautiful women with a big hand, and you can also considerate climb more than 20 stairs for Michelle Li to deliver meals, and secretly pay off her mother's gambling debts for CAI Shaofen. Both material and spiritual are in place. As long as he wants to get the women, he can always easily catch them. Bags, luxury homes and yachts can be sent

    as the original wife, baoyongqin chose to be patient at the beginning. She believed that Lau Luan hung only wanted to be fresh for a while, and would go home after playing enough. It was not until a abusive phone call from Michelle Li made her completely cold hearted. When Michelle Li yelled at her, her lover who worked together in the past was indifferent, and baoyongqin immediately gave up her heart and chose to divorce

    Lau Luan hung did not expect that his wife, who had endured for so long, would divorce him, and baoyongqin did not expect that although she forced Lau Luan hung to swear that he would not marry a woman who hurt her, her husband would get a marriage certificate with an ugly little entertainer more than 20 years later

    in 1998, 18-year-old Gambi became an entertainment reporter after graduating from school. My main job every day is to follow the stars and write gossip articles to make money. As the saying goes, there are No.1 scholars in 360 industries. Gambi is outstanding in the entertainment reporter industry, and he can be regarded as an outstanding person

    in 1999, Gambi, who had just entered the industry for one year, photographed Liang Yongqi intervening in the relationship between Zheng Yijian and Shao Meiqi. This amazing melon made Gambi famous in the entertainment circle. Everyone knows that she is a cruel character

    immediately after Li and Lin broke up, all reporters wanted to get the latest information. When Gambi, who was crouching that night, met Lin Huiyi, who was hiding in the car and crying, he stepped forward and brushed Lin Huiyi's long hair away, taking a panoramic view of her face

    Gambi is unique in the paparazzi by relying on this kind of hard-working spirit from the grass roots, and her high emotional intelligence is also famous in the circle. Even Stephen Chow, who hates paparazzi most, has become good friends with her

    by chance, Zhou Xingchi and Liu Luan Hsiung have a good relationship. When talking about Gambi at a party, Stephen Chow spoke highly of her humor, which made Lau Luan hung look at Gambi with new eyes

    2. Assistant to girlfriend

    in fact, before Stephen Chow talked about Gambi with him, Lau Luan hung also met her once

    in 2001, Gambi, like other entertainment reporters, tried every means to dig up some revelations about Lau Luan Hung's private life. In an interview, the photographer who was eager to take photos accidentally touched the lens on Lau Luan Hung's face, which greatly annoyed him

    Gambi, who has high emotional intelligence, hurried forward to apologize, and then smiled and said: "are you angry because you are afraid that I will photograph your big mole?"

    Gambi's bold move startled Lau Luan Hsiung, who was used to seeing big waves, and secretly admired the girl's courage. Later, after Stephen Chow said this, Lau Luan hung felt that Gambi was a talent and immediately decided to recruit her for his own use

    in 2002, Gambi was assigned by Lau Luan hung to work as an assistant in one of his branches, and his salary increased from 10000 to 40000. When Gambi was an assistant, Lau Luan Hung's relationship entered the second stage. He did not look at his appearance but only his career ability

    first, Wang yingyu, a talented female lawyer, became Liu Luan Hsiung's girlfriend and became his right-hand assistant in his career. In addition to her outstanding business, Wang Ying Yu's biggest hobby is famous brand bags. Liu Luan Hsiung threw himself into his favor and bought various bags to make her happy. Who ever thought that this hobby of buying bags laid a mine for their love

    because Wang yingyu often patronizes a top luxury store to buy bags, she and her counter sister LV Lijun have become friends who talk about everything. Lu Lijun is not an ordinary person. She once participated in the selection of Miss Hong Kong, and her educational level is not inferior. Lu Lijun, who is full of ingenuity, got a lot of information about Liu Luan hung from Wang yingyu, including his hobbies and living habits

    in 2002, Lu Lijun successfully took Liu Luan Hsiung's hand, while Wang yingyu was defeated and her relationship with her girlfriend was completely broken. It wasn't long before he was in the arms of Lau Luan Hsiung that Lu Lijun became pregnant. Liu Luan Hsiung, who had not added a new recruit to his family for a long time, was overjoyed and bought a luxury house and a luxury car for LV Lijun

    later, Lu Lijun's daughter was born, and Liu Luan Hsiung was very happy. He personally took their mother and daughter to live in his luxurious house. Lu Lijun, who was in high spirits, was secretly pleased. She thought she was already Mrs. Liu. However, the rich family's water is too deep, and it is easy to drown before landing without good water quality

    in order to better improve her temperament and bear the status of a rich family, Lu Lijun decided to go abroad to continue her studies. Liu Luan Hsiung readily agreed

    while Lu Lijun was studying abroad for her Ph.D., Liu Luan Hsiung, who needed company, was looking for prey everywhere. Before finding a new person, Lau Luan hung was moved by Gambi's thoughtfulness in an activity

    it turned out that Gambi accompanied Liu Luan Hsiung to attend an important event. When he was walking down the steps, he slipped and almost fell. Gambi, who was quick in eyes and hands, ran forward to resist Liu Luan Hsiung, who was about to fall, with his thin body, and staged a drama of "beauty saving the local tyrant"

    since then, Lau Luan hung has developed a special trust and dependence on Gambi and arranged her to be his personal assistant. Former girlfriend Wang yingyu changed from assistant to girlfriend. Gambi was no exception. With her gentle and considerate personality and superior emotional intelligence, her relationship with Lau Luan hung quickly warmed up and she became another girlfriend

    Lu Lijun, who is far away from home, has also heard about the relationship between Gambi and Lau Luan Hsiung. However, when she looked at Gambi's photos and qualifications, she sneered. She felt that Gambi's beauty and educational level did not deserve to compete with her. Besides, she also had a biological daughter of Lau Luan Hsiung

    various tabloids have made a lot of noise about Liu Luan Hsiung's affair. Gambi and LV Lijun are often talked about together, but the parties concerned are all in peace. One of them felt that their position could not be shaken, the other had seen through everything and was waiting for their opportunity

    3. Laugh till the end and sit firmly in the main palace

    in 2008, LV Lijun, who was determined to win Mrs. Liu's position, began to panic because she heard the news that Gambi was pregnant. LV Lijun suddenly felt a sense of crisis and decided to take measures to protect her position. It's a pity that in a hurry she can't steal a chicken

    as the recognized genuine girlfriend of Lau Luan hung, Lu Lijun went to major newspapers in Hong Kong and published a statement, which generally meant that Gambi was only the assistant of Lau Luan hung. Although she was pregnant, the child was not from the Lau family, and Lau Luan hung was her husband. This statement mainly expounds two points. One is to tell everyone that Lu Lijun is already Mrs. Liu, and the other is that Gambi and her children have nothing to do with Lau Luan hung

    Lau Luan Hsiung was greatly annoyed after seeing the statement. Lu Lijun told the public that Gambi was wearing a green hat for him. What a person he was and how could he be so humiliated. Moreover, he knew better than anyone who Gambi's children were. After this incident, the relationship between Lau Luan Hsiung and Lu Lijun fell to the freezing point, and even his mother, Mrs. Liu, was very angry

    Lu Lijun, who had caused the trouble, regretted the original, and racked her brains to find a way to repair her relationship with Liu Luan Hsiung. But Gambi was still quiet. After giving birth to her daughter, she became a good wife. She also took care of Liu Luan Hsiung's mother during her illness, which made Mrs. Liu feel more favorable to her

    fortunately, Lu Lijun and Liu Luan Hsiung have a daughter. With the help of her children, she tried to make up with Liu Luan Hsiung again and became pregnant again in 2010

    this time, Lu Lijun was the closest to the main palace of Liu Luan hung. Because she was pregnant with a boy, Lu Lijun's mother relied on her son. She and Lau Luan hung recovered their former sweetness. However, Lu Lijun seemed to be overjoyed and forgot the lesson of the last time. She wantonly demanded property and gifts from Lau Luan Hsiung, and also sneered at the outside world for talking about Gambi

    however, the battle for the throne of the palace has just begun. Gambi's silence does not mean that he has conceded defeat. In 2012, Gambi also gave birth to a boy for Lau Luan hung. So far, he fought a tie with LV Lijun in the struggle of his children. However, unlike Lu Lijun, who is vain and admiring money, Gambi keeps a low profile, never spends too much money, and follows Liu Luan Hsiung wholeheartedly

    all media are tracking the every move of Lau Luan Hsiung and his two girlfriends. Everyone is curious about who can laugh to become the "King" woman

    in 2015, Lau Luan hung was hospitalized because of kidney and heart problems, and his life was at stake. Gambi, like the wife of an ordinary family, took good care of Lau Luan hung in the hospital until he limped out of the hospital, while Lu Lijun only went to see him once symbolically

    a friend in need is a friend indeed. Having an illness made Liu Luan Hsiung's heart different from those of the two women. In 2016, 65 year old Lau Luan hung and 37 year old Gambi registered their marriage. So far, LV Lijun has completely failed in this war

    when talking about Gambi, Lau Luan hung was full of appreciation from the bottom of his heart, praising her as a good woman who had no intention and was considerate to people. From 2002 to 2016, Gambi spent 14 years slowly walking into the heart of Lau Luan hung and becoming his irreplaceable wife

    after his marriage, Lau Luan Hsiung took the initiative to transfer many assets to Gambi, and Gambi, worth 40 billion, became a rich woman. The most successful person who laughs to the end is the little reporter who fought hard for the news in those days. Now, she has become the well-known Mrs. Liu in Hong Kong's rich circle

    some people say that Gambi was very lucky to come to Liu Luan hung when he needed to rely on him in his old age. In fact, Lau Luan Hung's wealth in his life is innumerable, and there are so many beautiful women around him. It is not as simple as luck to capture his heart

    straighten out his position, maintain a forbearance attitude, and treat people with high emotional intelligence and sincerely pay attention to the people around him. These may be the reasons why Gambi has successfully entered the palace

    in any case, Liu Luan Hsiung, who has been involved in the love market for decades, finally found a good person to settle down with after leaving his ex-wife. He only wished Gambi could stay in Mrs. Liu's position and live a well-known life

  2. Gambi's way is very wild. At the same time, she is also very capable and has high emotional intelligence. Therefore, she can marry Lau Luan hung and have a fortune of 40 billion.

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