4 thoughts on “In those years, did Li Jiaxin and Lau Luan hung stay together for money or for love?”

  1. In the entertainment circle in the 1980s and 1990s, the topic of female stars never lacked the word "tycoon". Among them, the tycoon Liu Luan hung can be called the "actress harvester". The famous and gorgeous actresses such as Li Jiaxin have indescribable connections with this tycoon Li Jiaxin is called the most beautiful woman in Hong Kong. After winning the Miss Hong Kong Championship, she was "targeted" by Lau Luan hung. Luxury homes, luxury cars, various famous jewelry properties and shopping malls, Lau Luan hung has worked hard to win the hearts of beauty Li Jiaxin indicated that she was not with Lau Luan hung because of money

    but because she knew women and what women wanted. For this "melodious" statement of Michelle Li, you can understand it as an excuse for her afterwards, but it is not entirely impossible when Lau Luan hung first chased Michelle Li, he was very generous. He gave away all kinds of famous brand bags, luxury cars and luxury homes

    Li Jiaxin said that he liked Lau Luan hung because of his arrogance, and that he chose to stay with her because of love. After learning about some materials of Lau Luan hung, this sentence may actually be true. If you have read the interview of Lau Luan hung, you will find that it is very easy to be attracted by this person. He has excellent eloquence, witty, domineering, and many unique values. . For a young girl like Michelle Li, it's easy to worship her When Li Jiaxin fell in love with Lau Luan hung, Lau Luan hung had a family.

    even though Lau Luan hung was so kind to her, Li Jiaxin had to face a problem. Lau Luan hung had a wife, baoyongqin perhaps at that time, the young Michelle li really loved Lau Luan hung, or was overwhelmed by Lau Luan Hung's infatuation. Michelle Li began to fight with the lady of the main palace, baoyongqin. She repeatedly called baoyongqin to say that Lau Luan hung did not love her, and let her shake her hand when the Viola was unmoved, she began to speak ill of the Viola on the phone

    he was also jealous of Liu Luan Hsiung, who was merciful everywhere. He used eight grade rude words to scold Liu Luan Hsiung for having ambiguous relations with other female stars. In 1992, a Hong Kong media intercepted a recording of Li Jiaxin abusing Lau Luan hung for Hong Xin's sake is this what the legend says: women are not cruel and their status is unstable? However, facts have proved that such a crazy practice has also made Michelle Li pay a heavy price. How much is the price? So big that Michelle Li has been carrying the title of "Hong Kong's strongest junior three" all her life There are too many rivals in love. Michelle Li, who dares to fight against heaven and earth, chose to break up and end her relationship.

    many years later, when interviewed by the media, she frankly said: "there is a kind of person who is not so focused. Maybe he loves you very much and loves you most, but there will still be other girlfriends. I can't accept it" . She said that this love had taught her "another lesson."

    it is undeniable that Lau Luan hung really loves Michelle Li. Perhaps among the many women he has, Michelle Li is his favorite however, in the face of Lau Luan Hung's repeated requests, Li Jiaxin did not look back

    if she really wants money, Li Jiaxin can still stay with Liu Luan Hsiung, and it's not too late to make a fortune before she leaves. However, Li Jiaxin walked briskly and finished her love with a "friend"

  2. I think that when Michelle Li and Andy Lau were together, it was probably because of love. Because the conditions of both of them are also very good, and their families are not too different. They are all people with very good families, so they must be together for love!

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