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  1. You can take gold with you by plane. Gold is not included in the scope of articles prohibited to be carried or checked by passengers

    aviation contraband mainly includes the following categories:

    first, guns and police equipment: various types of military and civilian guns, sports guns, hunting guns, signal guns, anesthetic injection guns, sample guns and realistic toy guns

    II. Ammunition and explosives: bombs, grenades, bullets, lighting bombs, training bombs, smoke bombs, explosives, fuses, detonators, detonators, detonators and other explosives and arson equipment

    extended data:

    those who commit one of the following acts threatening aviation safety shall be investigated and dealt with by the civil aviation public security organ:

    1. Those who enter the security inspection site with guns, ammunition, controlled tools and their imitations

  2. The gold ornaments you wear can pass the security check

    when passing the security check, the watches, mobile phones, lighters, etc. are put in the small basket, but the jewelry need not be taken off. When passing through the security inspection door, if there is metal on the body, such as belt buckle, jewelry, etc., these security inspection equipment will give an alarm. However, the general staff will detect that there is no problem if there are no dangerous goods

    it is important to note that the gold ornaments should not be put into the luggage for check-in. If they are detected in the luggage, they should be taken out. It is allowed to wear gold exposed at entry and exit, but it is limited

    extended data:

    flight process:

    1. Arrival at the airport. You should pay attention to the time, because the airline requires that the check-in stop 30 minutes before the departure, so you'd better arrive at the airport one hour before the departure

    2. Check in (i.e. change boarding pass). Look at the counter where your flight is handled. The airport has a display screen to tell you which flight is at which counter. Find the corresponding counter and give the ticket and ID card to the airport check-in personnel

    if you have large pieces of luggage, you can check it here. The luggage less than 20kg in economy class is free. Please note that the checked baggage does not carry prohibited items. After the check-in formalities, the check-in personnel will return the passenger coupon, boarding pass, luggage ticket and ID card of the ticket to you

    3. Pass the security check. When you arrive at the security check channel, there is a security check counter at the entrance. You will give the passenger coupon, boarding pass and ID card of the ticket to the security inspector. The security inspector will stamp on the boarding pass if there is no problem. After passing through the security gate, you should pass your belongings through the X-ray security machine next to the security gate, and you should pass through the security gate yourself. If the security check is OK, go into the waiting hall

    4, waiting. After passing the security check, look at the boarding gate on your boarding pass, and find the waiting hall corresponding to the boarding gate. The number of boarding gates is the waiting hall

    the airport will display the location of each terminal. If you are unclear, ask the airport service personnel. Find the waiting hall and have a rest there. Wait for the announcement of boarding. If you smoke, you can smoke in the smoking room. Remember to listen to the radio

    reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia - flying

  3. You can take gold by plane. If you go abroad, the gold jewelry should not exceed 50g. If it exceeds 50g, you need to declare it. Otherwise, it will be treated as smuggling
    general provisions of the latest regulations on aircraft carry on luggage and checked baggage
    Article 1 carry on luggage must meet the following requirements at the same time:
    1. The number of pieces shall not exceed 1
    2. The weight shall not exceed 5kg
    3. The volume shall not exceed 20cm × 40 cm × 55 cm
    4. Exception: you can carry a small bag like a waist bag and a laptop bag

    Article 2 regulations on carrying liquid carry on luggage
    passengers on domestic flights can carry liquid items (excluding alcohol) with a total amount of no more than 1 liter per person each time, and the excess must be checked
    for passengers on international and regional (Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) flights departing from airports in China, the volume of each liquid article carried by each person should not exceed 100ml and must be able to be stored in a container with a maximum volume of not more than 1L (recommended specification: 20cm × 20 cm) in the transparent plastic bag that can be sealed repeatedly, the excess part should be checked or abandoned at the security check office.

    Article 3 the latest regulations on domestic aircraft baggage check
    1. Free baggage allowance: for passengers holding adult tickets or children's tickets, the free baggage allowance (including checked and self-care baggage) per passenger is: 40kg in first class, 30kg in business class and 20kg in economy class. There is no free baggage allowance for passengers holding baby tickets
    2. Carry on items: passengers holding first-class tickets can carry two items with them; Passengers holding business class or economy class tickets can only carry one item with them. The volume of each of the above two items shall not exceed 20 × forty × 55cm, and the total weight shall not exceed 5kg. If the number, weight or volume exceeds the specified limit, it shall be checked as checked baggage
    3. Items that are not allowed to be transported as baggage: prohibited items, restricted items, dangerous items and other items with peculiar smell or easy to damage the aircraft stipulated by the state cannot be checked as baggage or put in baggage. Passengers are not allowed to carry controlled knives. Sharp or blunt tools other than controlled knives shall be checked with the checked baggage of the aircraft and cannot be carried with them
    4. Items that are not allowed to be carried in the checked baggage: passengers are not allowed to carry important documents and materials, diplomatic bags, securities, currencies, bills of exchange valuables, fragile and perishable items, and other items that need special care in the checked baggage. The airline shall be liable for the loss or damage of the above-mentioned items contained in the checked baggage of the aircraft according to the general checked baggage of the aircraft
    5. Luggage packing: the checked baggage must be well packed, locked, bound firmly and able to withstand certain pressure. The airline may refuse to accept the baggage whose packaging does not meet the requirements

    Article 4 relevant provisions on articles that are prohibited to carry with you but can be checked
    the Civil Aviation Administration of China stipulates that the following articles are prohibited to carry with you on civil aviation flights in China, but can be checked in checked baggage. Items that passengers are forbidden to carry with them but can be checked as luggage include: kitchen knives, fruit knives, large scissors, razors and other daily knives
    professional knives such as scalpels, slaughtering knives and carving knives
    knives, spears and swords used by literary and artistic units for performance
    walking sticks with weights or spikes, iron headed climbing sticks, baseball bats and other sporting goods
    as well as tools such as axes, chisels, hammers, cones, wrenches and other sharp and blunt tools that can be used to endanger the personal safety of aircraft or others
    liquid items that exceed the type or total amount limit that can be carried with you.

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