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  1. Now, many novice Taobao sellers basically send one piece on 1688, but 80% of the merchants complain that Taobao is not easy to do now, and there is no traffic at all. The following editor will help you analyze the reasons for the lack of traffic in your store:
    choose the money at will:
    many shopkeepers choose a supplier at random after registering the store, and then start to sell the products. As a result, there is no traffic after the store is sold. I don't know what the reason is. In fact, the most important thing to do Taobao is the product. You must choose the category you know to do it. You need to know what products in the industry have high acceptance by buyers and improve the traffic faster. If you choose some products in any category, no buyer likes them after they are uploaded. The buyer doesn't click when they see them. In this case, it is difficult to obtain traffic. In addition, you need to know what products are better to sell in the current season and the industry trend is rising
    one click upload:
    after the baby is selected, it will be released and put on the shelf. Many shopkeepers will map conveniently. They can directly synchronize the supplier's links with one click. The title, main map and details are exactly the same as those of the supplier. There are several problems affecting the weight here:
    ① the homogenization is serious.
    many agents synchronize the supplier's links with one key. In this case, the homogenization is too serious, and Taobao supports new products. The so-called new products do not mean that you have a new baby in your shop, but rather whether this baby has appeared on Taobao before. If there are multiple babies with the same links as you, Then Taobao will no longer think that your baby is a new product through data capture, and will not give you support for new products, so your baby will lose the weight of new products in the early stage. So in this case, you can make the title again. The main picture should not be the same as that of other agents, or the layout or order of the detailed pictures should be changed. Add some product descriptions or selling points, so that when Taobao system captures your baby, your baby is different, and it will give you new product support
    ② the title keywords are stacked or less than 30 words
    the title also has a 30 word display opportunity. Each word can be arranged and combined with other words in different ways to bring us traffic. Many suppliers have never done Taobao, and the title just puts some words casually. First, if there is stacking, there are fewer keywords in your title. For example, if you sell dresses, the buyer of one dress can search for your product, but if you put two dresses, you will directly waste three words of display opportunities. If you stack more, the more resources will be wasted, There are fewer keywords to drain
    ③ wrong attribute category
    for example, you are middle-aged and old women's clothing, and you choose women's clothing and women's boutiques when publishing your baby. In this case, on the one hand, Taobao will not show your baby to the women's clothing category, and on the other hand, even if the buyer searches for women's clothing products and sees your baby, people need young women's clothing, but your clothing is suitable for middle-aged and old people, or the content is wrong, and it was originally loose to choose self-cultivation, Buyers search for self-cultivation to see your baby. The chances of clicking to buy are very small, which directly affects visitors and transactions
    ④ there are prohibited words in the title or details
    for new Taobao sellers, they may not know what are prohibited words in the advertising law, nor do they know the consequences of using prohibited words in the advertising law. When directly synchronizing the details of suppliers, there may be some violations, such as: the latest, the most advanced, the highest, the lowest, the first, the first choice, the top and so on. Otherwise, after being retrieved by Taobao, your products will be directly removed from the shelves, and the weight of our Baobei will be accumulated slowly. If some traffic of your baby is removed from the shelves at the beginning, your weight will be accumulated in vain
    therefore, even if we are a product issued on behalf of the supplier, we must not directly upload the supplier's baby with one click. In addition to the small chance of obtaining traffic, for example, a group activity can not directly register a baby issued on behalf of the supplier. In the process of releasing the baby, we must do a good job in the main map, details, title, and shelf time card of the baby, and manually publish it in the seller center
    batch upload:
    many novices are ready to sell products after the store is registered. They want to put more babies on the shelves to get more traffic. They think that if the buyer doesn't like baby a, he will always like baby B. they upload hundreds of thousands of baby items, such as daily necessities, women's clothing, children's clothing, middle-aged and elderly women's clothing, etc. in the store. This is completely incorrect. Taobao now supports small and beautiful stores, that is, it focuses on doing a good job in a small field. For example, if you are making women's shoes, women's shoes include high-heeled shoes, small white shoes, flat shoes, running shoes, etc., then you can choose one of them to do it. The positioning of the store is more accurate. Taobao can directly recommend your products to people who need such products. Buyers who enter your store need such products, Then, the turnover of the store has increased, and the buyers have bought their favorite treasures, and their love and loyalty to Taobao are also higher. In addition, there are too many babies. If the store has less traffic and fewer transactions, then the weight of the mobile sales rate of your store must be very low. Taobao thinks that your products can not be sold, and your baby is not liked. The mobile sales rate is very low (the mobile sales rate is the proportion of the sold babies in the whole store in the last 30 days). Naturally, it will not give you more opportunities to show. Therefore, for novice sellers, what we want to build in the early stage is a small and beautiful shop. When there are not many visitors, we can put about 10 kinds of baby on the shelves, and it is easier to improve the sales rate
    wait for traffic
    if you want to get more visitors, you can't wait for traffic. Taobao has no shortage of sellers. There are a large number of new products on the shelves every day. So who should Taobao share the traffic with so many new products? It must be who's new baby is better, more popular with buyers, and to whom the traffic is. Therefore, if we want to quickly get Taobao's recommendation after our baby is put on the shelf, you should make Taobao think that your product is more popular with buyers. We can add some posters such as collection and purchase for priority delivery or collection and purchase for small gifts to guide buyers to collect and purchase your products to increase the popularity weight of the baby. The above is a method of how to obtain traffic for the Agency introduced by the editor. If you have any questions or do not understand, you can consult. Professional, tmall settled in.

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