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  1. Name: Slow Life Handmade Jewelry

    meaning: Slow life name reflects a petty -borne attitude of life.

    Name: Jiajian

    Meaning: Jiajian, to Jane and beautiful, life is originally a Jiajian (addition and subtraction) art Essence

    Name: Yixing

    Meaning: Yixing is good, star refers to each kind of jewelry shining like a star.

    Name: Love or not to decorate the hand

    meaning: unprepare love with love; decoration indicates that it is a specialty store of the jewelry; The jewelry is beautiful. I don't want to let go of it, so that customers have a strong possessiveness.

    Name: Yun Cuifu

    meaning: this name is simple and generous, good remember, giving people a sense of broadness. Cloud characters reflect the elegance of modern women, and Cui Zi reflects the beautiful and generosity of jewelry. The blessing is a symbol of jewelry.

    Name: Mona Lisa jewelry shop

    meaning: Volkswagen's awareness of the name, full of strong European style And easy to be remembered. When it comes to the name, people think of the masterpiece of Da Vinci's creation, the pleasant smile.

    Name: Phoenix national jewelry

    meaning: Phoenix is ​​the highest model of women's nobles, reflects the elegant and noble, high -end atmosphere. The ethnic group can also be understood as ethnic groups, reflecting accessories attributes. Homestye royal family, simple and easy to remember.

    Name: Bi -Bird National Jewelry

    meaning: "Wish to make wing birds in heaven, local bird, local on the ground "Wish to be a lingering branch", first symbolizes love, and secondly symbolizes the grand view of the vast world.

    Name: Duoduo jewelry

    Meaning: Remember, bring some childishness, imply a lot of boutiques, a lot of popularity.

    Name: makeup and handmade jewelry

    meaning: makeup, dress with dress, highlight women's supplies, highlight women's supplies ; Jewelry, accessories, highlighting the characteristics of the industry.

    Name: Heart Jewelry

    Meaning: Each jewelry is waiting for your owner, here with your favorite jewelry Fate.

    Name: Handmade jewelry

    meaning: gorgeous, cosmic treasure, generations of generations, so Called the handed down jewelry shop.

    Name: This life is now decorated with

    meaning: Like marriage and love, you will like it very much. It will make your business become more and more popular, and your financial resources will be extensive.

    Name: overflow

    meaning: used to describe the beauty of jewelry can give people a sense of grace and luxury.

    Name: Cage handmade jewelry

    meaning: highlighting a cute style, the jewelry is originally loved by girls, Small and exquisite, the most important thing is that the name highlights the agility of ancient and weird.

    Name: 1234 Jewelry House

    Creative: 1234 represents 4 concepts, quality, service, price, innovation, shop owner can be based on You need to change

    Name: Aimo handmade jewelry

    meaning: focuses on the sublimation of love, emphasizes the fit of the mind and the communication of the spirit. It is used to make the name of the jewelry shop and has emotional value.

    Name: Xiahua Jewelry

    Meaning: Xiahua, beautiful imagination and longing, the scenery and things in front of you are like that romantic. The combination of eye -catching words and words made pedestrians on the road have to stop walking into the jewelry shop that stretch the heartstrings.

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