3 thoughts on “What are the advantages and disadvantages of gold jewelry for the elderly”

  1. Gold and silver belong to rare alloy metals, which have relatively stable chemical properties and are not easy to deteriorate. They can maintain their external shape for a long time and are not easy to deform. They have good ornamental value. At the same time, they are not easy to cause skin infection and disease due to friction when worn on the human body. Therefore, people have started to use them to make jewelry and wear them directly on the body for a long time. There are also legends in the society that wearing gold and silver jewelry can ward off evil and calm down
    as for the direct disadvantages of wearing gold and silver jewelry, I haven't heard about it. There are many indirect disadvantages. As Nan Qingfeng said, "there may be robberies". In addition, there are: 1. Wearing expensive gold and silver jewelry may lead to unbalanced distribution of family income, resulting in excessive economic burden, poor living conditions and family conflicts; 2. Due to the high price of gold and silver jewelry, once lost, it will cause psychological imbalance and excessive sadness; 3. It is the proverb that gold is a ruthless thing, which harms the hearts of all the children in the world.

  2. Benefit: people think the old people's life is good. Gold shows wealth
    disadvantages: it may be targeted by people with evil intentions. Don't be hurt in the process of robbing or robbing
    the elderly can have gold jewelry, but it is not recommended to always carry it.

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