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  1. Christmas is a relatively grand festival in the west, but it is not a very important festival in our country. If you are willing to have it, it is very good to simply send a small gift to show your heart. I think the following gifts are enough:

    1. flowers

    Xinhua is the most romantic thing as a gift. No girl does not like flowers. If it is Christmas, Sending a bunch of flowers to her girlfriend, especially when she receives them in full view of the public, makes the girl very happy, because it shows that the boy cares about her very much

    2. chocolate

    chocolate is a common dessert, but the chocolate gift box is generally beautiful and beautiful. It's better to give it to your girlfriend. It's a sweet and sweet romantic love between two people. It will be even better with chocolate embellishment

    3. Christmas crystal balls

    Christmas still needs some Christmas elements. In particular, Christmas crystal balls can be placed on the table for a long time. Being a decoration can make you always remember that your other half is good to you. While promoting the feelings of two people, it can also make their feelings more stable, I think this is also a gift worth giving

    4. hat, scarf and glove set

    Christmas is usually at the end of the year, so this time is winter. For an ordinary person, winter must be the most important time to keep warm. If you give him a hat, scarf and glove set, girls will feel particularly moved

  2. 1. Whale language Countdown Calendar chocolate candy gift box
    this whale language calendar chocolate gift box is a gift of about 100 yuan. It is recommended for friends who like chocolate. There are 24 small squares in this gift box, hiding 24 whispers. Every time you open it, you will have a different surprise. When you open the last door, Christmas will come. Many people choose gifts for their girlfriends, and the packaging is exquisite The taste is very good, and the packaging is really unique


    reference: ¥ 125, the starting point is me to

    2, the venchi Wenqi calendar chocolate gift box
    this Countdown Calendar Christmas limited chocolate gift box is like opening a fairy tale book, full of festive rituals, and every mouthful is full of surprises. A total of 25 small squares and 25 pieces of chocolate are used to give him a sweet expectation every day. Christmas gift selection is a very good choice for children


    reference: ¥ 225, starting from my direct

    3, Dior Dior Festival perfume lipstick gift box
    this Dior Dior Festival perfume lipstick gift box is still a very attractive gift. It is illustrator Alice Shirley who creates a dream gift box with midnight blue branches and leaves and golden winter buds to light up the bright winter night and see the flowers in full bloom. There are 24 key star items in the gift box, including perfume, essence, lipstick, liquid foundation, fragrance, face cream, hand cream and other gifts. It is a surprise every day, which is very suitable for giving gifts to girlfriends


    reference: ¥ 3900, the starting point is me direct

    4, rastaclat limited bracelet for little lions
    this rastaclat limited bracelet for little lions is wide on Valentine's day, and it is recommended for gifts of about 300 yuan. There are three styles to choose from, which can be considered as a high-grade bracelet gift for the minority. It can be considered as a couple's gift or a Christmas gift


    reference: ¥ 293, the starting point is me to

    5, the creative night light decoration of qiaozhijiang for Christmas
    this small toy decoration gift box of qiaozhijiang is not expensive at about 30 yuan to 70 yuan, which is a cheap and fun gift. This creative gift has many styles to choose from. It is also a small night light. It is very suitable for students' party gifts. It can let you spend every night of study with it.

  3. There are many gifts for girlfriends at Christmas. In the month of Christmas, the temperature is relatively low. At this time, you can give your girlfriend a scarf, which can not only reflect your intentions, but also give warmth to your girlfriend. It is a very practical gift
    you can also send hats on Christmas day. The same effect as the scarf, the hat can also bring a lot of warmth. Not only that, the hat can also be used as a part of wearing, which is a very practical gift
    for some lovers, giving gloves is also a good choice. The English name of gloves is glove, which can be extended to give love, which also symbolizes full love
    you can also give girls bags at Christmas. Each girl has more than one bag, with different uses. Different clothes should be matched with different bags, so it is also a good choice to give a good-looking bag to her girlfriend
    you can also give your girlfriend a cosmetic gift box at Christmas. At Christmas, many brands will launch Christmas exclusive sets, and women's cosmetics are never too many, so it is also a good choice to send girlfriend cosmetics sets
    if you have given them all, it doesn't matter. If you really can't think of anything to give your girlfriend on Christmas day, you can give her a red envelope, so that she can buy it for herself. Isn't it better.

  4. 1. Avocado is a hand warming treasure. This is a very cost-effective little thing, super simulated avocado, which feels soft and waxy. It looks like a small ornament from a distance, but a warm hand treasure from a close view. It's not like those ugly hand warmers at all. It's OK to take the foreign style out of the door. It is suitable for commuters, students, and people who often work outdoors

    2. Little Prince music box. What Christmas presents want is a sense of ceremony. This little thing related to fairy tales and love is naturally popular with girls. The wood material is very textured, and the gear is lovely and retro. It looks very particular ~
    the budget is within 200 yuan:

    1. Little Christmas tree. This is the best thing to create a Christmas atmosphere. Put it on the dining table, the bay window and the bedside to create an atmosphere every second. Put a small snowball and a music box next to it, and turn the light into warm yellow, super bright
    the big Christmas tree is expensive and does not need to be used. The small Christmas tree is much better. If it is not used, it can be put away directly. Next year, it will be taken out and used again ~

    2. The Christmas Gingerbread Man necklace. When Danes celebrate Christmas, they like to bake Gingerbread people all the way at home. They are beautiful and delicious, so when they see Gingerbread people, they know that Christmas is coming ~ the length of gingerbread people's necklace is the length of this year's popular collarbone chain, which can just be placed on the collarbone. It looks good with round neck shirts, sweaters and small skirts
    necklaces should be made of pure silver and gold-plated. Sensitive muscles can also be worn without fear of allergic stimulation

    3. Starbucks Christmas glass. Girls can't help liking cute little things, especially cups. Xiaobian's cups can even open an exhibition! The Christmas cup of Starbucks has always been very bright. Like this cup, it looks like a milk box from the side. From another angle, it looks like a small Nordic house with a chimney
    even the straw has a red and white christmas design. It's cute!

  5. Generally, girls prefer flowers, chocolate, immortality flowers, perfume, lipstick and cosmetics. It is mainly necessary to know what type of girlfriend your girlfriend is. Only in this way can you choose a bouquet suitable for your girlfriend's style, a noble and gorgeous red rose or a small daisy full of rural flavor.

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