5 thoughts on “What is the secret story of the sparkling diamond ring on Queen Elizabeth's hand?”

  1. There are moving stories behind the engagement rings of many royal family members however, the history behind Queen Elizabeth's sparkling diamond may be the most striking. Her Majesty's ring was dedicated by Prince Philip's mother, Princess Alice of badenberg

    at that time, although Prince Philip was born in Greece, his family was not as rich as people thought. Philip's father was a major general of the Greek army. He left home when he was very young. According to the standard, Philip and his mother and brothers and sisters were forced to flee France and eventually settled in Paris due to the war

    in 1946, when he proposed to his then girlfriend Elizabeth, Philip's financial situation was not ideal, especially considering that he was dating the heir to the British throne. So his mother intervened. According to the report of town

  2. This ring is a pledge given to the queen by the Queen's husband Philip. It has a certain commemorative significance. it symbolizes the love between the two

    the queen and her husband Philip are the longest married couple of the British royal family. They have experienced many crises and challenges. From a young couple to a long life together, they have never left. They are really an enviable couple. The diamond ring that Queen Elizabeth is wearing is actually the best evidence of this long marriage. Prince Philip was born in Greece. His father was a major general. His family was not rich

    when Prince Philip proposed to his girlfriend Elizabeth, the financial conditions were very poor, and the object of the proposal was the heir to the British throne. At that time, Philip was very worried about what to propose with. His mother, Princess Alice, asked Philip to use the diamond on the crown she received at her wedding to make a proposal diamond ring and give it to his beloved. Prince Philip used his mother's crown and designed a diamond ring with a jewelry designer. Elizabeth and Philip were engaged later

    since then, this diamond ring has been worn on the Queen's hand without being taken off. This diamond ring not only symbolizes the two people's unswerving love, but also represents Philip's mother's heart and wishes for his son. There are also unique memories of that era. It is no wonder that the queen of England will wear it whenever she attends any occasion. It is also because this diamond has different meanings and values

    natural diamonds are rare, precious and rare. People often give diamonds a lot of emotions, and use them to represent their feelings and give them to their lovers and partners. represents unswerving love

  3. The diamond ring has been with the queen for a long time. There are many stories. The most precious one is to connect her love and family. The diamond ring was given to him by the Queen's mother, and the queen also used this diamond ring as a wedding ring when she married.

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