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  1. Common jewelry suitable for children include jade or jade pendants, gold pendants, gold bracelets and gold bracelets

    gifts for traditional children's Day: gold bracelets are usually given by the children's grandparents, grandparents, aunts and other close relatives, but generally more people choose to send precious gold jewelry during the Spring Festival. The gold bracelets worn by children are generally 6-10g lighter, and the styles are also simple pull-out stick bracelets or two small bells

    Gold braided rope bracelet: suitable for children's aunts, aunts and other young people. It is usually made of one or three hard gold beads or Chinese Zodiac rope. The overall weight of gold is about one or two grams, and the amount is about one thousand

    young and fashionable big friends wear hard gold bracelets: of course, in addition to waiting for gifts from others, big friends can also buy them themselves. It is more suitable for some black or red leather string transfer beads, tattoos and other brands of hard gold hand strings. For example, Chow Tai Fook's KT, Zhou Sheng Sheng's pirate king series, Chao Hongji's Doraemon, and Jin Zhizun's supreme baby. Both brand style and young fashion are suitable for most big friends around 20 years old. You can also choose to wear some hard gold bracelets made of red agate and garnet bracelets, which can be worn at this age

    Gold Pendant: of course, the elderly like to send gold lock bags to children, but it is really only suitable for children before kindergarten. Of course, the gift giver doesn't have much to do with it. Friends and relatives can do it. Three or five grams of lock bags or more than ten grams of lock bags can be used. Giving these is equivalent to giving money to the other party. In some places, customs and habits are giving each other

    jadeite or jade pendant: jade is our traditional jewelry, and there was a custom of wearing jade in ancient times. Many children from rich and noble families have been wearing jade pendants since childhood. Our traditional culture also believes that wearing jade jewelry can cultivate one's moral character. At present, most jade in China is made from Qinghai, and there is no problem. Don't always think about Hetian seed materials. Any one of them costs tens of thousands of yuan

    jadeite Pendant: small jadeite safety clasp, Ruyi and Guanyin pendant are all jewelry that can be given to children. The jewelry worn by children generally pays attention to the style of "bless peace and health" in culture. There is not much emphasis on matching. Don't bring more than two pieces of jewelry. Too much is not good-looking

    gold inlaid jade: there are two types of gold inlaid jade. One is the gold inlaid jade whose price is not expensive in the market is between several hundred and one or two thousand. The main reason is that the gold is heavy and relatively ordinary. Another kind is the gold inlaid jade of the national jade series of Chow Tai Fook. The price is relatively high, generally around 20000 yuan

    silver bracelets and silver lock bags: the elderly prefer to send silver jewelry to children. They think that silver jewelry is also the main jewelry to ward off evil and protect safety, and it is suitable for children.

  2. -- wear jewelry at the age of 12. It's amazing. Our teacher didn't let me wear it. All the physical education classes were given to bala. Besides, I didn't pay so much attention to them. I don't know anything. I know how to study and play all day. All right, let's get back to the point and wear silver jewelry. My two hands and six jewels are all made of Thai silver. If you don't like Thai silver, you can choose 925 silver. The worst material is not suitable for jewelry. Of course, your children can also wear peach stone silver bracelets or something.

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