What is the symbol of the golden ring

My husband bought me a lottery ring sign. AU750 is a lot of money, please tell me how much is the money?

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  1. The general sign of the lottery ring should be AU750.
    The price of color gold diamond ring is mainly to look at the quality of diamonds. The higher the diamond level, the higher the price. Generally, 30 points of H -color diamonds are about 7000, and a 50 -point H color diamond requires more than 1W5. The second is the influence of style. Each precepts are different, and the price is different. If you want to buy yourself, you need to choose according to your own budget.
    Pucting data: The gold diamond ring is a diamond ring made of the trash material. The color is generally combined from three types of yellow, white, and rose. The texture is generally 18K gold with a gold content of 75%.
    The color gold color is formed by gold replacement. The complement is another 25%component contained in the 18K color. The metals that are generally used for complement are K yellow, k white or K red. 18K gold plus these three supplements to form three colors.
    The special color bonus brings a warm and pleasant visual experience, and the gold diamond ring is also in various ways in style. Various styles of different styles can be described as bright and dazzling. Women can show an elegant temperament whether they are professional or evening dresses.
    This has always been a jewelry material that Europeans like. Its meaning is the same as the "Fulu Shou" Chinese found in jadeite, representing people's beautiful wishes.

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  2. Make a good wish for people.
    has always been a favorite jewelry material for Europeans, and its meaning is the same as the "Fulu Shou" that Chinese people found in jadeite, so the sales of lottery jewelry in China have been in a steady rise.
    The gold gold appears two different colors of gold in one jewelry at the same time. The AU750 means 18K gold. K gold is divided into two colors: white and yellow.
    The price is different, and the prize is priced according to the process and gold content. The colorful gold jewelry is also loved by everyone because of its lighter weight, low price, exquisite craftsmanship, and novel styles.
    The expansion information:

    1, maintenance
    It avoiding contact with cosmetics, cosmetics can also make 18K gold color. You can wipe it with glasses cloth. It is not recommended to clean it frequently. Under normal circumstances, the maintenance is normal, and it is no problem for more than 1 year and will not be returned. You do n’t need to remove it when you wash your face. Remember to rinse and dry the water after rinse.
    If washing the clothes if you wash it by hand, it is best to remove the ring, because the laundry process will be longer and washing powder. Corrosive. The ring is most easily worn in jewelry, so it is best to remove it when doing heavy work. You can wipe it gently with a toothpaste when you have dirt, and you can be as smooth as new.
    2, Origin
    1) Barbarian said
    is said to be the result of the ancient wedding interpretation. At that time, the man who grabbed other tribes wore a shackles for her. After many years of evolution, the shackles became engaged and wedding rings. The man wore a ring to the woman that she had belonged to me.
    2) Worship said
    The ring originated from ancient sun worship. The ancient ring was made of jade, symbolizing the sun god of the sun. It believes that it is like the sun god, giving people warmth, sheltering human happiness and peace, and also symbolizing virtue and eternal, truth and belief. During the wedding, the groom wearing a gold ring symbolizes the fiery sun; the bride wears the silver ring, symbolizing the bright moon.
    3) Practical theory
    The was traced back to more than 3,000 years ago, and there was no ring at that time. Because the rulers of Egypt have the habit of bringing the seal representing power at any time, they are suspected of holding a burden on their hands, so some people think of setting a ring and putting it on their fingers. For a long time, people found that the small seal on the men's fingers was very beautiful, so they continued to improve and evolved into women's accessories.
    4) Contraindications
    The ring name of the ring "ringing", the history books are called "contract", "pulling (the left should be the 'bow') ring," notes "," generation finger "and so on. Initially, the ring was a special label that the concubine and concubines in the court used to avoid taboos. When you have a pregnancy or other circumstances, you can't approach the king, all are put on the left hand with the golden ring, and the "emperor Xing" of the emperor is banned. Usually, use silver ring to put it on the right hand.
    Later, the ring passed to the people and went to its original meaning, thinking that it was beautiful, and stayed in the atmosphere for a long time. The "Three Rebellion Pen" in the Ming Dynasty said; "This world uses gold and silver as a ring, placed between women's fingers, which is called the ring." The literal analysis of the word "ring" contains the meaning of the ban. Therefore, women wearing rings at the time were not for dazzling beauty, nor for decoration, but to be cautious to alert.
    5) Ring has a strong symbolic significance since ancient times, so its wearing method is very particular. According to my country's habits, the engagement ring is generally worn on the middle finger of the left hand, and the wedding ring is worn on the left hand. If it is an unmarried girl, it should be worn on the middle or ring finger of the right hand, otherwise many pursuers will be on the way.
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  3. The so -called colorful gold is the simultaneous appearance of two different colors of gold in one jewelry. The AU750 means 18K gold. K gold is divided into two colors: white and yellow.

  4. AU750 refers to the 18K gold created by 75 % gold and other precious metals. 18K gold is the favorite of most young people in modern times. The style is novel and fashionable.

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