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  1. I graduated from the jewelry design. Many students around me were worried about the industry market and said that I couldn't find a good job in the future. I used to work in a big jewelry company for 1 year. Many classmates reported studying in jewelry design in China and chose to go abroad for further studies. Now they are mixed than me. Open a company, start working room, tell me to let me learn again, they give me to me It is recommended to engage in ACG international art education that has been studying in domestic art. I decided to take a look.

    The students who graduate from jewelry design do not have to worry about finding jobs. If you have the strength there, you don't have to worry about it at all. You can engage in jewelry company: jewelry design, art ornament design, gold and silver souvenirs design, and all product design jewelry distribution companies related to gold and silver, gemstones: jewelry inspection, appraisal professionals; pawn industry, auction industry: jewelry appraisal, evaluation, evaluation Specialist. If you also encounter the trouble of jewelry design, you can communicate with me

  2. At present, the most lack of jewelry professional recruitment market is: emerald sculptors, gold decoration processing and other specific positions. In the design direction, the opponent's ability to draw and art design must achieve the effect of commercial grades. You can use the commercial finished product renderings on Baidu. In the direction of jewelry appraisal, there must be some political and economic backgrounds in the family to enter some better units. Essence Generally, jewelry graduates are basically engaged in some shopping mall sales.

  3. I also learn art design. I think that as long as you learn your professional knowledge firmly, do not be an ordinary graduate in your professional, so that you can stand up in competition. I think it will make a difference.

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